Four Best LMS Software Alternatives to MedTrainer

Korede Afolabi, MScPT

MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform was built specifically for healthcare organizations to streamline education, credentialing, and compliance. A learning management system (LMS) helps healthcare organizations balance the need to provide top-notch care with adhering to a plethora of regulations.

In this article, we’ll compare the top alternatives and competitors to MedTrainer Learning, an enterprise cloud-based software with the largest proprietary course library of healthcare content explicitly curated to meet the requirements of regulatory and accreditation organizations.

The comparisons use data from, a peer-to-peer review site that compares the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data, Capterra reviews, and information from company websites. We’ll explore how MedTrainer Learning Software compares with top alternatives and competitors on feature differences and the strengths/weaknesses of each tool.

What Is MedTrainer?

MedTrainer is a healthcare-focused learning management system that provides approved, up-to-date courses (including CE-qualified training) that meet the ever-evolving regulatory standards necessary to maintain a thriving practice. The all-in-one platform streamlines operations by bringing together other aspects of healthcare compliance, including credentialing and document management.

According to MedTrainer, its learning software includes:

  • Course Library: With nearly 1,000 courses, it is easy to find the ones that satisfy requirements for HIPAA, HRSA, OSHA, accrediting organizations, and more. Hundreds of continuing education courses and premium courses such as First Aid, BLS, ACLS, and CPR make it easy for providers to maintain licensing requirements.
  • Tracking and Reporting: MedTrainer’s customizable reporting offers a real-time look at which employees have been assigned and completed specific courses. Filter the data by role, department, location, and more. All course completions are automatically tracked and completion certificates are stored in the employee’s profile. 
  • Custom Courses: Train staff exactly the way you want with the ability to create and upload training content to the MedTrainer platform. A course conversion tool allows you to continue using your favorite training materials—whether they are .mp4, PowerPoint, or Google Slides. With the MedTrainer Course Authoring Tool, you can build organization-specific training materials complete with end-of-course assessments and all the MedTrainer features, including reports and automated email reminders.
  • Reminders and Notifications: MedTrainer’s modern learning management system automates reminders and notifications to provide complete transparency and ensure you don’t miss important deadlines. Course reminder emails are automatically sent 30 days before the course deadline and weekly when the assignment is past due. If a staff member’s BLS or other certification is set to expire, you’ll receive an email notification with plenty of time to take action before expiration.
  • Automated Onboarding: MedTrainer offers one-click new hire onboarding. When new employees are added to the system, training is automatically assigned based on role, department, and location. This makes it easy to save time, standardize training, and increase completion rates. 
  • Robust Integrations: MedTrainer offers integrations with all ADP and UKG products as well as other leading HRIS and payroll software. These integrations make fully-automated new hire onboarding possible and help to reduce errors common with redundant data entry.

Four Best Alternatives to MedTrainer

Using information publicly available on G2 and Capterra, these are the top learning management software alternatives to MedTrainer. The details below include links, plus the pros and cons of each solution.


Docebo offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for healthcare organizations. Its customizable course catalogs allow for tailored learning experiences, while mobile compatibility ensures that learners can access training on the go. Healthcare professionals appreciate Docebo’s flexibility and scalability, which enable training for various stakeholders, including employees, partners, and customers. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, driving better patient outcomes and professional development.

However, some users have noted that Docebo’s user interface can be overwhelming, with too many features and options making navigation difficult. Additionally, users report that customer support can respond slowly, particularly for complex technical issues. One user noted having to get legal involved. Despite these challenges, Docebo remains a popular choice for healthcare organizations seeking a comprehensive LMS.


CareAcademy is a mobile-friendly platform designed specifically for caregivers. It provides easy access to lessons and healthcare resources, facilitating compliance maintenance with minimal supervision and oversight. Users praise CareAcademy’s intuitive interface and ability to simplify adherence to mandatory licensure requirements. The platform’s focus on caregiver education and compliance makes it an excellent choice for healthcare organizations seeking to streamline their training processes.

While CareAcademy excels in simplifying compliance, some users have noted that the platform’s reporting capabilities could be enhanced. Users report that some courses are too long, making it difficult to retain information. Plus, administrators have complained of poor customer service with continuous refusal from the CareAcademy support team to assist with service cancellation. Despite these areas for improvement, CareAcademy remains a popular choice for healthcare organizations seeking a user-friendly LMS.


Relias is a prominent provider of workforce education and enablement solutions. It offers healthcare organizations and their staff a suite of integrated tools and high-quality learning content. The platform’s comprehensive approach to learning and development makes it an attractive option for healthcare organizations seeking a one-stop shop for their training needs.

However, some customers have expressed frustration with Relias’ contractual terms, citing expensive costs and site outages. The platform’s reporting features have also been criticized for being inflexible for course development, making it challenging for administrators to track user progress and training plans. Additionally, healthcare professionals have found the courses too lengthy and lacking engagement, with dense content hindering employee comprehension. Oftentimes, customers have found they’ve had to reset their accounts due to their logins not working. To compound these issues, reviewers say technical support is slow to respond to escalated requests, leaving users waiting for extended periods or, in some cases, having their issues forgotten altogether.


Cornerstone is an LMS with a dynamic environment for collaboration and continuous learning, making it a good choice for various industry organizations seeking to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and cooperation. The platform’s features include course management and delivery, compliance tracking and reporting, performance management and analytics, mobile compatibility, and integrations with HR systems.

Despite Cornerstone’s mass offerings, the LMS is not specifically catered to healthcare organizations, and customers have mentioned high implementation and maintenance costs. Additionally, poor customer support and limited integration with other systems and tools have been largely reported by customers.

The Choice Is Yours

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, compliance training and education are critically important. The solutions above all offer different features that cater to the needs of healthcare organizations. They ensure that compliance is enforced from the top down, protecting both employees and the organization. Proactively addressing compliance issues can help an organization operate smoothly and avoid legal repercussions.

From HIPAA to OSHA, MedTrainer Learning offers valuable resources and guidance to simplify the compliance process for organizations of any size. By enforcing healthcare compliance training and education through MedTrainer, employers can ensure the safety of their employees while avoiding costly fines and penalties — it’s that simple.

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