How to Use the New MedTrainer Course Catalog

new compliance course catalog for healthcare training

Let’s set something straight: our MedTrainer customers? You’re the cheese to our macaroni. We go together like Copy and Paste. We’re your ride or die. 

In short, you’re important to us. We’re here to help you transform compliance for your organization… and make you look good. 😉

That’s why we continuously develop new features to make MedTrainer even better for you.

One feature we’ve recently added is our upgraded Course Catalog. Let’s take a deep dive and explore why it will be your new best friend forever. 

The new course catalog: how do I find it?

  1. Log into your MedTrainer portal
  2. Click on the “mt | learning” menu item
  3. Click on the sub-menu item “Courses”

That’s it! You’re now ready to explore the MedTrainer Course Catalog.

Why is it so great?

Because you’ll find relevant courses faster. 

Here’s a quick peek at the new filtering options:

compliance training course catalog for ASCs, urgent cares and more

We’ve added multiple ways for you to filter courses to find exactly what you need without scrolling through irrelevant items.

Now you can filter by these categories:

  • Regulatory Bodies – CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, OIG
  • Accreditation Type – AAAHC, CARF, TJC, ACHC
  • Healthcare Industry – ASC, Urgent Care Centers, Physicians’ Offices
  • NUCC Provider Group – Dental providers, Nursing service providers
  • Employee Development – Facilities, Wellness, Safety, IT, Leadership
  • and more!

To see the full list of categories to filter by, check out page 4 of the user guide, or try it out for yourself in your MedTrainer portal.

Lastly, you can see a step-by-step video here so you have all the information you need to make full use of this important MedTrainer tool.

Remember to share this information with colleagues so everyone can enjoy all that MedTrainer offers.