MedTrainer COO Kevin Stineman Talks Tech and Efficiency on Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Melissa Whetzel

In an Outcomes Rocket episode titled Technology in Healthcare: Stop Trying To Do it All Right Now, MedTrainer Chief Operating Officer Kevin Stineman shares ideas for healthcare organizations to improve their efficiency. He offers three drives that create opportunity for technology:

  1. The pressure to decrease costs while at the same time shifting results from costs to outcomes.
  2. There is untapped potential for technology adoption, including through better data management and analytics in the hands of employees.
  3. The industry is still very fragmented with many very small practices and groups that may be slow to adopt great efficiency through technology.

Read more from Kevin’s perspective.

As competition for healthcare technology has grown, it has motivated solution providers to offer extras beyond basic product and support,” Kevin explains. “ For example, MedTrainer relies on our deep expertise in regulatory requirements, which we make available to our customers. As a buyer, don’t just think about the system itself, but look at the whole partner ecosystem that you can tap into if — and when — needed.”

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The podcast series is titled Rethinking Compliance: Find Efficiency at the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology. 

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