MedTrainer Provides Affordable Compliance, Learning Management, and Provider Credentialing to Community Health Centers

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All-in-one compliance management suite helps community health centers (CHCs) eliminate labor-intensive processes for compliance and learning management, putting the focus back on patient care

Redlands, Calif. – April 19, 2018 – MedTrainer, the creator of the only all-in-one compliance management suite (CMS), is helping community health centers (CHCs) eliminate significant infrastructure and accessibility issues. MedTrainer’s online compliance solution offers 24/7 access to key resources and can qualify for funding through grants, enabling CHCs to focus more on patient care. Many CHCs face daily problems with inefficient tracking and management programs; extensive mandatory training and credentialing; and staff turnover that consumes management resources. A significant amount of time is spent ensuring policies are accurate and up-to-date, taking attention away from day-to-day operations and patient care. Lack of resources and funding make finding a solution challenging and often result in non-compliance findings for staff-related documentation requirements during annual and ongoing audits.

MedTrainer’s compliance management suite equips CHCs with time-saving tools that help them put the focus back on patient care. MedTrainer helps CHCs:

  • Eliminate multiple tracking systems
  • Easily access key resources via the cloud
  • Afford an enterprise-level, high-quality solution
  • Save time with all compliance and learning tools in one place
  • Maintain credentialing through in-house support or outsourced services

Steve Gallion, CEO, MedTrainer, said, “Unlike most hospitals and health systems, the majority of CHCs lack key resources to properly run their centers and provide healthcare to underserved populations. However, with MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance management suite, CHCs get access to the same quality of resources as the larger health care systems at a price they can afford. The compliance management solution frees up valuable resources like time and labor to relieve community health centers of the taxing responsibilities of managing compliance documents and help them get back to serving their patients.”

MedTrainer’s compliance management suite (CMS) is a powerful, innovative and affordable solution that encompasses all the tools healthcare professionals need to streamline management processes, increase departmental collaboration, and simplify compliance. The all-in-one solution improves efficiency with a learning management system that has more than 200-course topics; modules for management of policies and procedures, SDS, equipment lifecycles and contracts; a license and credential tracking center; safety plans and incident reports; expert virtual compliance support; QuickCred™ provider credentialing; compliance toolkits; OIG/SAM checks; and security risk assessments.

Because MedTrainer includes user training and ongoing support for this cloud-based product, there is no need to rely on internal IT resources. The company doesn’t require start-up fees either, which eliminates the need for additional funds up-front. CHCs can also apply for grants, such as the Quality Grant, making the solution even more affordable. Many CHCs have already been successful in acquiring grants for the compliance management suite.