4 Best Modio Health Alternatives and Competitors

Joyce Siow-Yazzie

Modio Health is a healthcare credentialing software that manages and stores provider credentials and licensure. It’s one of dozens of such solutions available to healthcare organizations, so how do you decide which is right for you?

In this article, we’ll compare the top alternatives and competitors to Modio Health’s credentialing platform using data from G2.com, a peer-to-peer review site that compares the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data, Capterra reviews, and information from company websites. We’ll explore how Modio Health compares with top alternatives and competitors on feature differences and the strengths/weaknesses of each tool.

What is Modio Health?

Modio Health offers healthcare providers centralized credentialing management via its OneView© platform. According to Modio Health, OneView is a credentialing management platform that helps organizations maintain compliance while allowing providers to focus on clinical care.

According to Modio Health, OneView’s main features include:

  • Reporting: Access customized reports tailored to specific needs
  • Storage: Securely store documents and access them anywhere
  • CME: Monitor progress by adding credits and supporting documents
  • Workflow Tracking: Estimate and track processes (e.g. payer enrollment, recredentialing)
  • Compliance: Real-time reporting and alerts for expirables
  • Prefilled Forms: Send auto-filled documents for providers to electronically sign
  • CAQH Monitoring: Track re-attestation dates with reports and alerts

Modio Health OneView Pricing

The company does not list pricing on its site. According to SaaSworthy, Modio Health does not offer a free trial and premium plan quotes are available by request only.

OneView Limitations

There are limitations to what Modio Health OneView can do, as noted by Capterra reviewers:

  1. Task function could be improved: The platform does not notify when a task has been missed. The required completion date has been missed.
  2. Difficult to cancel this service: Still getting invoices despite notification of canceling months ago.
  3. Can’t search providers: Difficult to find providers through the quick access in the “Documents” tab.
  4. Reporting: Reports need to be cleaned up a lot prior to sending. Hospital credentialing and reports could be improved to meet the high standard of the insurance plan credentialing and reports.

5 Best Alternatives to Modio Health OneView

Using information publicly available on Capterra and G2, these are the top credentialing software alternatives to Modio Health. The details below include quotes, plus the pros and cons of each solution.

1. MedTrainer Credentialing

MedTrainer is one of the best healthcare credentialing software alternatives to Modio Health and is used by thousands of organizations. Reviewers give both Modio and MedTrainer support very high ratings. Here are some of the MedTrainer features G2 reviewers call out:

Monthly Exclusion Checks

MedTrainer offers automated monthly exclusions monitoring of more than 40 databases, including OIG/LEIE and SAM, as well as automated license verification. Every check is tracked to provide an audit trail. A Modio G2 reviewer notes, the platform doesn’t always sync with the state medical boards, still required to manually enter data.

Helpful in Onboarding Staff

MedTrainer users can send an email to providers with a secure link to upload documents for PSV. The list of documents can be standardized based on role, department, and location. MedTrainer Onboarding Paths enables users to assign training and policy acknowledgements with just one click.

Customizable Reporting and Dashboards

MedTrainer offers robust tracking and reporting that includes several reporting-related features not offered by Modio, according to a feature comparison on Capterra. These include ad hoc reporting and reports filtered on location or person. In fact, Modio customers say a support ticket is required for any report customization. MedTrainer’s credentialing dashboards offer insight that can help you make improvements to the enrollment process.

Training and Education

MedTrainer has a significant emphasis on training and education through its LMS, which is a key differentiator from Modio Health. This makes MedTrainer more comprehensive for organizations looking to manage not just credentialing but also staff education and compliance training. Both platforms target healthcare organizations, but MedTrainer’s broader compliance solutions might appeal to a wider audience.

Here’s a list of the powerful features found in MedTrainer Credentialing and not with Modio Health:

  • Online applications
  • [Customizable] Ad hoc reporting
  • Training management
  • All-inclusive functions
  • Add a location
  • CAQH management
  • Report filters based on location or person
  • Automated emails sent to providers for expirations, etc.
  • Facility credentialing
  • Assign Tax ID numbers to locations

2. Medallion

Medallion is a relatively recent player in the credentialing software industry, founded in 2020. Like Modio OneView, Medallion reviewers call out the company’s solid customer support. Reviewers also note Medallion’s innovations like a fingerprinting solution and integration of CME tracking. According to Capterra’s feature evaluation, OneView is unique in that it provides forms management, privileging, and appointment management, while Medallion includes online applications, ad hoc reporting, API, and web forms. G2 Medallion reviewers say they’d like to see more automation and notifications when verifications are complete. They also say there is no ad-hoc reporting available, just spreadsheets without an integrated BI tool to help with the analysis.

3. Symplr Provider

Symplr Provider says it is a robust cloud-based solution that powers verification, credentialing, payer enrollment, privileging, and contracting. According to Capterra, Symplr Provider offers about half of the listed features and dramatically less than most other platforms included in this article. Symplr Provider is missing key functions such as forms management, alerts and notifications, monitoring, enrollments/onboarding, and data verification. G2 reviewers say they like the easy-to-use interface, but feel implementation was difficult, support is lacking, and want a built-in reports editor.

4. CredentialMyDoc by Healthstream

CredentialMyDoc says it is an automated, web-based credentialing and enrollment software for growing medical groups. It lists even fewer standard features than the next closest competitor on Capterra (11 of 31 key features). G2 reviewers say the support team is always willing to help, but the software is clearly meant for very small practices. Reviewers note there are no available APIs, they are unable to import data from CAQH, the software lacks dashboards, and mass updates of information are not available.

MedTrainer – Your Top Credentialing Alternative

The competitors above all offer credentialing services and functions to a point. MedTrainer is an all-inclusive credentialing platform that offers a complete solution and is the best alternative to Modio Health OneView.

MedTrainer Credentialing organizes and accelerates your process with cloud software and a team of specialists who can manage the process for you. All the data you need to make business decisions is in one place. MedTrainer Credentialing Services offers established organizations with five or more providers with credentialing specialists who manage enrollments end-to-end with fast turnaround times.

To learn more or see MedTrainer in action, request a demo or visit our website.