MedTrainer Unveils New Brand With Commitment To Streamline Healthcare Compliance

Melissa Whetzel

LAS VEGAS, May 17, 2023 – MedTrainer is introducing a new brand, including a new logo, reflecting the company’s commitment to make healthcare compliance as efficient as healthcare organizations are critical.

MedTrainer’s single platform helps healthcare compliance teams check more off their lists by bringing together, optimizing, and digitizing typically disparate processes and systems to unite education, credentialing, and compliance documentation. MedTrainer’s new, modern brand reflects this digitization that replaces slower, less efficient processes with a comprehensive view of compliance operations so your organization is ready for whatever comes next.

“We have significantly enhanced and extended our platform in recent years and our new brand reflects our improved capabilities,” says Steve Gallion, CEO and Founder, MedTrainer. “We are continuing to invest in our unified platform to deliver the value and efficiency that comes with all areas of healthcare compliance under one roof. With faster and smoother compliance processes, our customers are well positioned to meet the mounting competitive and regulatory pressures of the healthcare industry.”

Recent MedTrainer product innovations include document and policy management enhancements, the addition of more robust reporting capabilities, and continued growth of our digital course library, with a focus on continuing education courses. MedTrainer is also making significant investments in credentialing software and services as we continue to see healthcare organizations struggle with the variability and complexity of medical credentialing. MedTrainer’s enhancements will streamline and standardize the credentialing processes for providers and healthcare organizations alike.

Key brand elements include:

Icon and Wordmark: Inclusion of a check mark illustrates MedTrainer’s ability to help customers check compliance tasks off their list. In a 2022 survey, MedTrainer customers said the use of the platform to manage compliance tasks is critical to their organization, and 99.8% of respondents passed a survey or inspection within the past year.

Brand Line: Educate. Credential. Comply. Accelerate. 

MedTrainer’s new brand line represents each of the areas streamlined by the platform, ending with the word “accelerate,” which illustrates the impact the MedTrainer platform has on the speed at which its customers do business. 


Established in 2013, MedTrainer is the healthtech leader accelerating compliance with a unified digital platform that optimizes workflows and streamlines education, credentialing, and documentation. Backed by Telescope Partners and Vista Equity Partners, MedTrainer helps busy healthcare professionals operate with complete visibility and enhanced organization across all compliance areas. Over 300,000 healthcare professionals across 15,000 healthcare sites in North America rely on MedTrainer to get more done in less time. Learn more at