New Course List View!

Time saving training for healthcare compliance

Get ready for an even better MedTrainer experience: we’ve added a new way to see your course assignments! It’s more intuitive, more streamlined, and more of what you need to get courses completed fast.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll see a new menu option under Learning called “My Course Assignments.” Click on My Course Assignments to find the new and improved view of all your assigned courses.

You’ll continue to have all the robust Assigned Courses features you’re used to:

  • See which courses are Past Due, On Time, or Completed
  • View Progress Bars to see how much of each course you’ve completed
  • Sort by course completion status, course due date, completion date, course title, duration, progress percent, and last date viewed
  • Start courses directly from the My Course Assignments list
  • Download course certificates and claim CEUs
  • Complete courses for certain Accreditation requirements

You can still see your courses in My Student Dashboard just as before, but now you’ll also have access to this streamlined overview of your courses under My Course Assignments.

We hope you enjoy this enhancement to mt | learning. See other recent updates to the MedTrainer platform here.