Four Best Symplr Alternatives and Competitors

Korede Afolabi, MScPT
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Symplr software focuses on healthcare governance, risk management, and compliance within the healthcare sector. Their cloud-based solutions aim to enhance healthcare operations via provider data management, workforce management, compliance, quality and safety monitoring, contract, supplier, and spend management.

This article examines the top alternatives and competitors to Symplr’s compliance, learning, and compliance solutions by leveraging data sourced from, a peer-to-peer review platform renowned for its comprehensive evaluations of business software and services, along with insights from Capterra reviews and details extracted from company websites. Our comparative analysis of Symplr and its top counterparts will identify feature distinctions and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

What is Symplr?

Symplr provides healthcare governance, risk, and compliance solutions and services.

According to Symplr, their main solutions include:

  • Provider Data Management: Their provider data management software streamlines every task involved in swiftly and effectively onboarding, preparing, and monitoring providers to ensure safe patient care.
  • Workforce Management: Assist healthcare facilities and organizations in identifying optimal staffing models and workforce strategies, facilitating their implementation for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Talent Management: Through technology, Symplr facilitates seamless collaboration between recruitment teams and hiring managers to simplify healthcare professionals’ hiring process while fostering employee performance and retention.
  • Contract Management: They streamline contract management processes by establishing a contract lifecycle management infrastructure that ensures risk mitigation and removes workflow barriers.
  • Spend Management: The solution aids organizations in managing the entry and evaluation of purchased services through clinically-integrated value analysis workflows, providing spend control and visibility.
  • Access Management: Symplr ensures effective control over vendor and visitor access to all areas of a facility, particularly critical zones like emergency departments and nursing wards, prioritizing the safety and security of all individuals.
  • Compliance, Quality, and Safety: They support navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory requirements, helping healthcare entities maintain compliance while prioritizing quality and safety standards.

Symplr Pricing

The company does not list pricing on its site.

Symplr Limitations

There are limitations to Symplr’s capabilities, as noted by G2 and Capterra reviewers:

  1. Dashboard Limitations: The data dashboard and user dashboard can be worked upon to showcase more options.
  2. Poor User Experience: System is still very manual with data entry, and dashboards are not very user-friendly.
  3. Inadequate Credentialing Process: “Packets” don’t work the way they were explained to us, and sought clarification/direction 2x.
  4. Inability to Customize Reports: Lack of ability to customize reports. I would like a built-in reports editor.
  5. Not an All-In-One Platform: The Credential Verification Organization (CVO) and software teams do not coordinate well.

Four Best Alternatives to Symplr

Using information publicly available on G2 and Capterra, these are the top learning software alternatives to Symplr. The details below include quotes, plus the pros and cons of each solution.


MedTrainer offers an all-in-one alternative to Symplr and is used by thousands of organizations. Here are some of the MedTrainer features G2 reviewers call out:

Impactful Insights

With MedTrainer, real-time insights are centralized for easy access, and users can save favorite reports for quick retrieval or schedule automated email reports daily, weekly, or monthly. Available insights include detailed information about compliance training, documentation, and credentialing.

  • MedTrainer Credentialing dashboards are customizable — both the data included and how it’s presented, whether through graphs, charts, pies, or gauges. Easily derive insight from MedTrainer’s provider profile with information, documents, and communication in one location. View the status of enrollments, see verifications left to be completed, and more.
  • MedTrainer Compliance digitizes healthcare compliance with a document center that organizes all your organization’s policies, incident reports, safety plans, and more in one easily accessible location. You can generate reports instantly to uncover trends, stay ahead of compliance requirements, and make informed decisions.
  • Within MedTrainer Learning, there’s no need for manual paper tracking of compliance training. You can view completed courses and completion dates by provider, department, and location. This data is automatically tracked, and reports can be scheduled to email for internal and external reporting for inspections, accreditations, and surveys.

Easy to Use

In the spring of 2024, MedTrainer was recognized for the Highest User Adoption, Easiest Setup, and Best Results in Healthcare Learning Management Systems. One crucial consideration when selecting healthcare compliance software is the platform’s user interface and experience (UI/UX). MedTrainer offers a user-friendly interface for administrators and healthcare workers to streamline data management. MedTrainer’s cloud-based platform facilitates managing and completing essential tasks like learning, compliance, and credentialing within healthcare organizations. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with HRIS systems such as UKG, ADP, Paylocity, and Workday, automatically adding new employees to MedTrainer. Admins can also automate the required course assignment, eliminating manual tasks associated with new hire onboarding.

Streamlined Credentialing

Credentialing delays can be costly and result in high recurring monthly losses. MedTrainer Credentialing replaces the manual process often used to credential providers with a simplified digital solution. MedTrainer Credentialing organizes and accelerates the process with cloud software and a team of specialists that manage the process for you. A common challenge for credentialers is the inability to attach credentialing documents to providers’ profiles, leading to frustration. However, MedTrainer addresses this issue by centralizing providers’ internal privileging appointments, making tracking appointments within and outside the platform effortless. Many organizations have found MedTrainer to be the ultimate solution for credentialing management. MedTrainer conveniently offers both credentialing software and fully managed credentialing services.

Customizable Reports

MedTrainer offers a variety of insightful reports, both pre-built and customizable, covering essential metrics for compliance training, policy acknowledgment, and credentialing status. These reports can be scheduled for automatic daily, weekly, or monthly distribution. They provide valuable information such as credentialing status, verified data, enrollment progress, and more, empowering informed decision-making through data analysis.

  • Learning Reports: These reports offer a real-time look at course completion and progress by employee, role, department, or location.
  • Credentialing Reports: These reports detail the status of privileges, verifications, exclusions, and documents related to credentialing.
  • Exclusions Reports: View at-a-glance data on weekly SAM and OIG-LEIE exclusions and monthly state exclusions covering individuals and entities.
  • Enrollment Reports: These provide an overview of provider enrollment statuses, helping to track progress.
  • Licenses Reports: Track expiration dates so you don’t miss any deadlines.


Cornerstone is an LMS platform that caters to various industries, while MedTrainer is built for healthcare. The platform houses both licensed and original content. Recent feedback on G2 reveals a disconnect between user expectations and the platform’s performance. Users frequently lament Cornerstone’s lackluster customer support, citing difficulties in system navigation and administrative tasks as primary concerns. One common gripe is the platform’s interface, which many find cumbersome to navigate. This frustration stems from the platform’s lack of intuitive design, leaving users stranded in their efforts to maximize its potential. Despite its adaptability, Cornerstone falls short compared to its competitors regarding innovation and responsiveness. Users bemoan the sluggish pace of development, which widens the gap between healthcare user needs and available features. This stagnation hampers users’ ability to leverage the platform effectively for training and development and contributes to a sense of limitation and constraint. As users seek to enhance their organizational initiatives, they grapple with a platform that fails to keep pace with their evolving needs.


CareAcademy provides a mobile-first platform designed to simplify the learning experience for caregivers. The platform offers easy access to lessons and skill-building resources, allowing caregivers to maintain compliance with less oversight and effort. G2 reviewers appreciate the platform’s user-friendly interface, which aids in maintaining compliance with required licensure. CareAcademy’s responsive customer service team also receives accolades for prompt assistance whenever questions arise. However, some users mention challenges with reporting on the platform. They note that obtaining necessary information requires exporting the entire list of course participants and manually sorting through the data, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Administrators also prefer email communication with CareAcademy students instead of relying solely on text-based communication. CareAcademy offers caregivers a convenient and accessible platform for ongoing education and compliance. However, there are opportunities for improvement in reporting functionalities and communication options.


Relias has an online training platform covering sectors and courses, including talent acquisition advertising, validated assessment, professional development, and behavioral health. However, feedback from G2 reviewers highlights significant concerns regarding Relias’ performance. Users report encountering challenges reminiscent of those faced with other solutions mentioned, where deceptive long-term auto-renewal contracts overshadow the platform’s functionality and customer service. Moreover, users find the platform’s interface less intuitive, requiring manual adjustments for tasks like running weekly survey analysis reports — a tedious process for about 50 reports. A complicated issue is the prolonged response time for escalated requests, with users expressing frustration over delayed follow-ups and occasional dropped tickets. This lapse in customer support leaves much to be desired and undermines the overall user experience. In summary, while Relias offers a comprehensive suite of educational solutions, including those tailored to the healthcare sector, users lament the platform’s lack of user-friendliness and the challenges they face with customer support.

MedTrainer – Your Top Healthcare Alternative

The competitors above all offer learning and credentialing services and functions to a point. MedTrainer is an all-inclusive compliance and credentialing platform that provides a complete solution and is the best alternative to Symplr.

MedTrainer Credentialing organizes and accelerates your process with cloud software and a team of specialists who can manage the process for you. MedTrainer Credentialing Services offers established organizations with five or more providers with credentialing specialists who manage enrollments end-to-end with fast turnaround times. MedTrainer Learning is an enterprise cloud-based software with the most extensive proprietary course library of healthcare content explicitly curated to meet the requirements of regulatory and accreditation organizations.

Request a demo or visit our website to learn more or see MedTrainer in action.