Top Chief Compliance Officers To Follow

Brian Williams, MHA, MBA

I’m continually impressed by the profound impact that healthcare chief compliance officers and other similar roles have on their organizations. Often operating as a one-person team, they are akin to mighty ants capable of lifting 10-50 times their weight. However, their strength lies not in physical prowess but in their masterful use of written and spoken words to effect change.

While the field of healthcare compliance is filled with exceptional individuals, there are a handful who I rely on to provide insight, news, and trends. I’ve compiled my list of top healthcare compliance professionals to follow on LinkedIn, along with places to look for other community experts. I like that these professionals go beyond merely instructing on rule-following; they delve into the significance of healthcare compliance itself. They are determined and creative, and have a unique knack for conveying their insights in engaging and approachable ways.

Healthcare Compliance Pros To Watch

Jay Anstine

Compliance Program Director-Western Division, Banner Health
I appreciate Jay’s perspectives on the politics of compliance. Chief compliance officers are often viewed as policy police and are not always welcome guests to the leadership table. In a recent post, he noted, “If You Want Buy-in to Your Compliance Program—Avoid “Gotcha Moments.”   

There are two sides to those moments, one in which you can build a bridge of understanding, and the other is to develop roadblocks and detours. Relationship building for compliance professionals is essential to build over time. Finding fault is relatively easy; getting to the root causes and getting staff to buy into sustainable solutions is an art.

Adam Turteltaub CCEP, CHC

Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer, SCCE & HCCA
I enjoy following Adam because he frequently posts current and relevant information on his
Compliance Perspectives podcast, including episodes on the 340B Drug Pricing Program and New York’s Whistleblower Pilot Program. He invites compliance professionals to his “Department of One” discussion group each month. 

Using LinkedIn to educate others is a noble act. He may not be the most prolific creator of compliance content, but he may be one of the best reposters!!! 

Annette Weller-Collison, MCPM

VP, Consulting Services & Chief Operating Officer, Kahn Consulting, Inc.
Annette is one of my favorite experts in information governance! She posts excellent content through her LinkedIn profile and is a thought-provoking leader through her blog. Her recent post, “
Ever Wondered Where AI Might be Lurking Within Your Company?” shares the benefits of maintaining an AI inventory — and they’re spot on! 

Joe Murphy, CCEP

Editor, Compliance and Ethics: Ideas & Answers
Joe’s been around the compliance block for the past 40 years and is VERY consistent and informative regarding corporate compliance and ethics. I enjoy the
Ethics Ideas & Answers newsletter he publishes weekly. 

The Boilerplate Wording In Policies: Not All Policy Violations Should Have The Same Consequences” topic in the 59th edition makes an excellent point that I believe is at the heart of getting people in the organization to understand the “real” consequences of non-compliance and how staff will be explicitly held accountable. 

Joe suggests that not all policy consequences are the same and to “think about it” from the employee’s perspective. I agree that consequences need to be clear and enforced to be effective. Employees are compliance sensors throughout the organization. Helping staff understand the implications of compliance violations to the organization is also essential.

Ideas To Find Other Chief Compliance Officers To Follow

I know how busy you are and that you probably prioritize your organization’s needs over yours. So I’ve added a few places where I often look to find chief compliance officers to keep an eye on.

Excellence in Compliance Award Winners & Finalists

Compliance Week’s Excellence in Compliance Awards recognize the best and brightest in compliance. Winners are typically announced in May, and a complete profile on each winner is published. But, the award finalists are also highly qualified and worth watching.

Here is one who stands out:

Ellen Hunt
Principal Consultant and Advisor, Spark Compliance Consulting
– 2021 Compliance Mentor of the Year – Excellence in Compliance Awards

HCCA Compliance Awards

The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) also recognizes one individual each year for contributing to the compliance and ethics profession. Winners are announced at the annual conference, typically held in April.

Compliance Week Top Minds

From 2016 through 2019, Compliance Week recognized top governance, risk, compliance, and ethics leaders. Even though these awards are a few years old, these Compliance Week Top Minds are worth watching!

Here’s a recipient who stands out:

Mary Shirley
Head of Culture of Integrity and Compliance Education, Fresenius Medical Care
– 2022 Compliance Mentor of the Year – Excellence in Compliance Awards
– Compliance Week Top Mind 2019
– Trust Across America 2020 Top Thought Leader in Trust


Use this checklist to ensure you're shining in your compliance role.

Overcoming Compliance Challenges Is a Passion

Compliance is my passion, and for nearly 18 years, I’ve connected with professionals – like those in this blog – who welcome the opportunity to troubleshoot and conquer challenges as I do. I’m a lifelong learner, so having the chance to speak with other experts regularly drives me to continually innovate ways to help them solve problems and improve healthcare compliance.

In my 10-plus years at MedTrainer, I’ve been able to influence product innovations and software development using the knowledge shared by my compliance peers. It’s deeply satisfying to know that we’ve created products and services that are helping healthcare organizations deliver the safest and highest-quality care possible while growing their businesses for future success.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn. I invite you to see what MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform is about.