Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

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Many people may be surprised that 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. Proper hand hygiene is the single most important factor in preventing nosocomial infections. Handwashing and sanitizing is the number one priority for preventing the spread of infectious diseases. The course covers the types of bacteria and diseases spread by the touch of your hands, the use and types of hand soaps and sanitizers, and proper hand washing techniques for maximum protection. Statistical facts regarding hand hygiene are reviewed along with tips on encouraging staff to increase compliance, because the health and lives of others are literally held within their hands.


Steven Stevens CHSP, CPMM, RSA  30 minValid for 24 monthsCreated 2018-07-17Updated 2020-03-20

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of hand hygiene in reducing the risk of infection and improving patient outcomes.
  • Be familiar with the bacteria and diseases spread by the touch of hands.
  • Know when and how to perform hand hygiene.

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