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Industry Specific
Phlebotomy is a skill that requires a technician to understand the legal requirements of obtaining test samples and how to obtain a sample from patients that are not always willing participants. The requirements for Phlebotomist include a clear understanding of techniques, preparation, infection prevention, and potential complications. Phlebotomist must understand their patients concerns and provide a safe environment to achieve results, patient satisfaction, and safety. This course will cover general guidelines associated with phlebotomy including patient introduction, quality assurance measures, and proper sterilization techniques. Learners will review specific challenges of phlebotomy in various patient populations, such as pediatric, geriatric and other special circumstances. Some of the more technical practices will be discussed including preparation steps, performing the blood draw, specimen labeling, storage procedures, and potential complications that may be associated with phlebotomy.


Denise Warren, RN 1.25 hrsValid for 12 monthsCreated 2018-06-25Updated 2018-06-25

Course Objectives

  • Learn necessary quality assurance measures, such as patient identification and the importance of proper sterilization techniques.
  • Discuss specific challenges of phlebotomy as it pertains to various patient populations.
  • Explain the preparation steps that must be taken prior to performing the phlebotomy.
  • Understand important specimen labeling and storage procedures.
  • Know potential complications that may be associated with phlebotomy.

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