Streamline Credentialing Training to Maximize Revenue

Getting a new credentialer up-to-speed doesn’t have to mean delays and frustration. MedTrainer Credentialing helps to standardize your process so you can efficiently complete credentialing training.

Our partners trust MedTrainer to help automate their compliance needs

Get Providers in Front of Patients Faster

Instead of training new credentialers, rely on MedTrainer credentialing specialists to handle all tasks for you.

See tasks and expirations at-a-glance in a credentialing dashboard
Provider profile keeps all documents and verifications in one place
Outsource your credentialing to MedTrainer so credentialing training is no longer needed
Get help from MedTrainer's team of credentialing specialists
Automated expiration reminders ensure you don't miss a deadline
Full visibility into the process makes it easy to help new credentialers

The all-in-one healthcare compliance software.

Nearly 1,000 healthcare-specific courses designed to meet regulatory and accreditation standards. 300+ continuing education (CE) courses are included at no charge.

Automated reminders, completion tracking, and certificate issue save customers 6 hours per week!

Stop searching for people and files with a simple cloud-based solution. Manage documents and policies, automate multiple signature workflows, track approvals and acknowledgments, report and track incidents, manage safety data sheets and more.

Use MedTrainer to complete new hire onboarding with just one click!

Manage all credentialing tasks in one easily accessible platform. Provider data and documents are together, exclusions monitoring and license verification is automated, and reminders ensure you never miss a deadline.

MedTrainer’s Credentialing Specialists can also handle all credentialing tasks for you!

2,500 +
15,000 +
Healthcare Facilities
300,000 +
Healthcare Professionals

Customer care is our best attribute.

MedTrainer saves us time and money on employee verifications and exclusion checks.
Tish Woodall
Administrator, Tri-State Community Health Center, Inc., (151 emp.)
MedTrainer has helped streamline our credentialing data for over 2,000 providers.
Shellee Thomas
Credentialing Supervisor, BlueSprig, (5,200 emp.)
Using MedTrainer helps us focus on other aspects of our clinic by cutting down on time needed for our credentialing. I would recommend MedTrainer, as they have a great team who is quick to respond to any issues or questions that may come up at any given time.
Dana Eberhard
Credentialing Specialist, FASA Family Wellness, PLLC (75 emp.)

Frequently asked questions

How does MedTrainer help with credentialing training?

MedTrainer’s user-friendly software platform organizes and simplifies your credentialing process with workflows and automation so it is easier to complete credentialing training when you hire new employees. Alternatively, you can choose our Credentialing Services, where our specialists handle everything for you, so you never have to worry about staff turnover on your credentialing team.

Is credentialing really faster with MedTrainer?

On average, MedTrainer Credentialing customers reduce credentialing expenses by 50% and speed up the process by three weeks. Our specialists manage various aspects of the credentialing process — including eliminating the need for credentialing training — allowing you to focus on scaling your business.

Is credentialing training part of MedTrainer Learning?

We do offer a few courses related to credentialing training in our award-winning learning management system (LMS). You’ll also find nearly 1,000 total healthcare-specific courses and around 300 continuing education courses.

How can I maintain visibility into the credentialing process if I outsource to MedTrainer Credentialing Services?

All documents, communications, and updates are added to MedTrainer Credentialing Software, so you can log in at any point to see exactly where every provider stands. Your credentialing specialist will send you customized reports and you can run your own or dig into Primary Source Verifications at any time.

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everything you need, under one roof.

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