Ensure Safety and Maintain Compliance With Online SDS Management

Give employees immediate access to over one million safety data sheets so they can provide the highest quality patient care.


Our partners trust MedTrainer to help automate their customer's compliance needs

SDS Management Using a Digital Binder

MedTrainer puts all safety data sheets into one online location that is accessible anywhere, any time.

More than one million SDSs already uploaded to the MedTrainer platform
Easily upload any additional safety data sheets your organization needs
View and print safety data sheets one at a time or in bulk
SDS management that is compliant with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
Link your McKesson and MedTrainer accounts for automatic SDS management
Use one MedTrainer login for SDS management and all other compliance tasks

The all-in-one healthcare compliance software.

Nearly 1,000 healthcare-specific courses designed to meet regulatory and accreditation standards. 300+ continuing education (CE) courses are included at no charge.

Automated reminders, completion tracking, and certificate issue save customers 6 hours per week!

Stop searching for people and files with a simple cloud-based solution. Manage documents and policies, automate multiple signature workflows, track approvals and acknowledgments, report and track incidents, manage safety data sheets and more.

Use MedTrainer to complete new hire onboarding with just one click!

Manage all credentialing tasks in one easily accessible platform. Provider data and documents are together, exclusions monitoring and license verification is automated, and reminders ensure you never miss a deadline.

MedTrainer’s Credentialing Specialists can also handle all credentialing tasks for you!

2,500 +
15,000 +
Healthcare Facilities
300,000 +
Healthcare Professionals

Customer care is our best attribute.

The accessibility of the classes is excellent, and being able to complete them on your phone or on the computer/iPad is a big help. We currently use medtrainer for HIPAA, osha, and CPR certifications, and the ability to track all the courses from anywhere is great.
Michael B.
Clinical manager, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
MedTrainer can bundle courses together that can then be easily assigned to user within our practice. This makes training uniform and complete!
Taylor A.
Help Desk Support Specialist , Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Medtrainer has endless functionality that can enhance many areas of ones practice. I personally do not utilize the program to its fullest potential, but what I do use the program for has saved my valuable time and helped me stay better organized.
Ashlie C.
Nurse Administrator, Hospital & Health Care (11-50 emp.)
Medtrainer has been a great addition to our organization. We can now keep track of who has not completed their training. We can also do targeted training. Compliance is much easier now.
Marcie C.
Medical Practice (201-500 emp)

Frequently asked questions

How does the MedTrainer and McKesson integration work?

When you link your MedTrainer and McKesson accounts, the SDS for any new products you purchase will automatically be uploaded to your MedTrainer platform within two business days.

How often are safety data sheets updated?

MedTrainer’s proprietary database for SDS management is frequently updated, which automatically updates all your saved safety data sheets. Industry best practice is to ensure your organization’s SDSs are updated every three years.

Why is a web-based SDS management system better?

With an online SDS management system, it is much easier for employees to access and share safety data sheets, ensuring your facility is both compliant and safe. It is much easier for administrators to upload or select SDSs from MedTrainer’s proprietary database than to print and create a physical binder for all necessary locations.

The only compliance system that covers
everything you need, under one roof.

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