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Easily create and distribute safety plans to keep staff prepared and informed for workplace hazards and disasters. Maintain OSHA Safety Plan compliance in less than 15 minutes.


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Make Sure You Always Have a Plan

Create, distribute, track, and access safety plans with ease

Fillable templates ensure OSHA compliance within minutes
Store all plans together in one online document center
Make it easy with digital acknowledgment, tracking, and reporting
Upload your own safety plans for electronic acknowledgment
Create, save, and export reports to demonstrate compliance
Ready-to-use safety plan templates

The all-in-one healthcare compliance software.

Nearly 1,000 healthcare-specific courses designed to meet regulatory and accreditation standards. 300+ continuing education (CE) courses are included at no charge.

Automated reminders, completion tracking, and certificate issue save customers 6 hours per week!

Stop searching for people and files with a simple cloud-based solution. Manage documents and policies, automate multiple signature workflows, track approvals and acknowledgments, report and track incidents, manage safety data sheets and more.

Use MedTrainer to complete new hire onboarding with just one click!

Manage all credentialing tasks in one easily accessible platform. Provider data and documents are together, exclusions monitoring and license verification is automated, and reminders ensure you never miss a deadline.

MedTrainer’s Credentialing Specialists can also handle all credentialing tasks for you!

2,500 +
15,000 +
Healthcare Facilities
300,000 +
Healthcare Professionals

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The accessibility of the classes is excellent, and being able to complete them on your phone or on the computer/iPad is a big help. We currently use medtrainer for HIPAA, osha, and CPR certifications, and the ability to track all the courses from anywhere is great.
Michael B.
Clinical manager, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
MedTrainer can bundle courses together that can then be easily assigned to user within our practice. This makes training uniform and complete!
Taylor A.
Help Desk Support Specialist , Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Medtrainer has endless functionality that can enhance many areas of ones practice. I personally do not utilize the program to its fullest potential, but what I do use the program for has saved my valuable time and helped me stay better organized.
Ashlie C.
Nurse Administrator, Hospital & Health Care (11-50 emp.)
Medtrainer has been a great addition to our organization. We can now keep track of who has not completed their training. We can also do targeted training. Compliance is much easier now.
Marcie C.
Medical Practice (201-500 emp)

Frequently asked questions

What is customizable on the templates?

You’re able to add all facility/organization-specific information to the safety plan template using multiple-choice or fillable fields. Some examples of the fields you’ll complete include: contact information, dates, signature, types of controls in place, licensing, procedures performed at the site, and more.

Can I upload and use custom safety plans?

Yes! It’s easy to upload your own up-to-date safety plans so they are instantly accessible organization-wide. You can also assign these plans for acknowledgment and track compliance.

Can I see the status of acknowledgments?

MedTrainer offers an at-a-glance view where you can click through to see all assignees by status (accepted, acceptance pending, etc.). MedTrainer offers safety plan acknowledgment reports that you can filter by location, employee, and specific safety plan.

What safety plan templates are included?

MedTrainer offers templates for a variety of different safety plans including an exposure control plan, fire prevention plan, hazardous communication program, environmental sustainability program, injury and illness plan, hazard assessment plan, infection prevention gap analysis, and more.

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