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At MedTrainer, we are seeing an increasing demand for managing accreditation, and we understand why. There are literally hundreds of standards that connect leadership, clinical expertise, and support to each patient encounter. Attracting top talent is a factor when an organization is accredited, making it a critical factor in a facility’s ability to function. Accreditation deficiencies are often related to incomplete or missing documentation related to infection control, patient rights, life-safety, credentialing, and incomplete QAPI (Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement) activities.

Sounds overwhelming to us, too

MedTrainer’s passion is to save time on regulatory tasks so you can focus on providing amazing patient care, and our Accreditation tool is no slacker.

All accreditations are different. Some require task completion, while others request specific documentation. No matter what accrediting body you are working with, MedTrainer can help you easily compile and build out the relevant task and documentation needs. All you need to do is assign them for completion and when it comes time, everything you need is neatly stored in the cloud and easily accessible!

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Deemed Medicare

Joint Commission

Corporate Compliance Program

Human Resource Management
OIG Exclusions
Policies & Procedures
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
Confidential Reporting
Compliance Dashboard

Training | Competency | Skill building

Training & Onboarding
Competency Review
Course Authoring Tool
Custom Courseware

Corporate Compliance Program

Safety Plans
Electronic SDS
Gap Analysis
Incident Reporting / Analysis
QAPI / Documentation
Equipment Lifecycle
Lab Safety Training
Contract Management

Staff Acknowledgement – Knowledgement Access

Modules can be bundled together for a custom package.

Everything Under One Roof

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Medtrainer’s Role

Does MT accredit healthcare organizations?
No, the majority of accrediting organizations are CMS-approved.

What does MT do for accreditation standards?
Provides all the tools needed to manage learning, compliance & credentialing documentation.

If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen…

Common Steps to Accreditation

Your Industry is Different

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Community Health Centers


Urgent Care Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Physician Office/Specialist

Long-Term Care/Assisted Living

… and many more

Training experts, Compliance gurus, Credentialing pros, Accreditation aficionados. Our team is full of people to help make your entire onboarding and ongoing processes simple.

Manage your SDS digitally, no more notebooks full of paper!
Pre-formatted templates for OSHA required safety plans


MedTrainer is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Medtrainer is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.

ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry.

Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition at


MedTrainer is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #16763

Accreditation Management Software FAQs
How does the MedTrainer accreditation management software work?

Our accreditation management software will allow your company to monitor CMS Emergency and Disaster Preparedness requirements, and each accreditation taken is tailored depending on the corresponding accrediting body or state.

My healthcare facility management team is more than familiar with the difficulties posed when maintaining compliance with AAASC accreditation standards. Will the software help with AAASC accreditation?

MedTrainer’s state-of-the-art accreditation management software will allow your healthcare firm to implement sound AAASC Accreditation training that will meet all regulatory requirements and maintain your employee compliance standards.

How does the software help me track accreditation tasks?

Our versatile dashboard will automatically populate with any mandatory tasks that are required by accrediting agencies and the state, dependent on defined frequency, assignees, supervisors, and due dates.

Can the software track protocols from multiple accrediting bodies?

MedTrainer’s accreditation software can streamline adherence protocols for all accreditation bodies such as AAASC, the Joint Commission, and Medicare. Your management staff will also be able to perform daily organizational tasks and compliance surveys utilizing the same platform, all while simplifying internal processes and meeting all external regulatory requirements with one easy-to-use software solution.

In the past, my healthcare facility struggled with meeting compliance standards and accreditation. How can the accreditation management software keep us on track?

MedTrainer understands that managing a healthcare organization has numerous challenges and complexities that may be difficult to overcome. With our accreditation management software solution, your compliance team will be able to utilize our all-in-one program to ensure compliance adherence and accreditation standards throughout all levels of your organizational structure.

Maintaining compliance with AAASC accreditation standards takes up valuable time and resources. How can my team keep things streamlined?

By utilizing our user-friendly and easy-to-use software, your management team will be able to concentrate on your core business, manage daily operations more efficiently, and maintain adequate records and progress reports for your healthcare staff.

Does the software feature Safety Data Sheets?

Our program provides a complete Safety Data Sheet library that is readily available for consultation, including a wide variety of products to make sure that compliance standards are complete and up-to-date with OSHA and all other regulatory agencies. As with all aspects of our software management, SDS sheets can be prepared for downloading or printing if the organization requires hard copies for traditional file tracking methods.