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Disaster Preparedness Becomes Simple and Effective with MedTrainer

Now is the time! Simplify your planning with disaster preparedness services from MedTrainer

Disaster can come in many forms. From prolonged natural disasters to instantaneous man-made disruptions, and anything in between, feel confident in your organization’s preparations and plans.

Did you know that more than half of healthcare facilities experienced two or more disasters in the last five years?

Yet many do not have sound disaster preparedness in place.

Let’s make sure you’re not one of them!

Develop Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

MedTrainer walks you through a custom emergency preparedness plan, covering a wide range of scenarios. Our seasoned experts have been through disasters in their healthcare administration careers, and all of their experiences, plus industry best practices, inform our disaster preparedness recommendations for you.

Create Policies that Actually get Read

We know one of the most important aspects of disaster preparedness is good communication. You can have the best policy ever, but if no one reads it — or it’s hard to find — it might as well not exist. Our platform erases that worry. Automatically assign policies to individuals, groups, roles, or locations. See who’s read and signed, and send reminders if needed.

Keep in Line with CMS Emergency Preparedness Standards

As  you may know, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) outlines national standards for the country’s healthcare organizations to follow regarding disaster planning. But disaster preparedness plans are not one size-fits-all. Let us guide you through creating a plan that’s compliant with all CMS regulations so you’re confidently adhering to CMS emergency preparedness directives.


Create Your Custom Plan

Take the guesswork out of your disaster preparedness efforts. Our templates cover a huge range of scenarios and consider all the steps your organization needs to take to be prepared.

Store Policies and Procedures

We’ll help you craft important policies and procedures, like Clear Evacuations, Sheltering, Tracking Patients, and Staff Protocols. Then store your policies on our cloud-based platform so they’re always accessible at a moment’s notice, by everyone who needs them.

Perform Drills and Exercises

“MedTrainer gives us the ability to complete incident reports digitally. Having access to multiple educational items has made a huge difference in our staff education. Incident reports are no longer floating around on paper and working to keep track when resolution is needed. It is all in one place the entire time.”


“MedTrainer has helped us the most by organizing licenses & certifications and annual education. The ease of use has been our favorite part!”


“MedTrainer makes it easier to keep track of tasks that need to be completed and not being overdue.”

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Everything Under One Roof


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