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Disaster Preparedness

MedTrainer can build your entire disaster preparedness plan so you can stay compliant and have peace of mind knowing your staff has the knowledge and resources needed in case of an emergency.

We do it for you

Our expert team is here to help. We’ll build your plan and take the workload off your plate.


Meet key requirements and standards

Meets the requirements for Joint Commission, Medicare, OSHA, and most other accrediting bodies.

Failure to plan is planning to fail

Being compliant is important, but being prepared for the worst is even more important. MedTrainer will help you build a great plan and make it easy to share with your team.

Everything Under One Roof

Talk to our team to build the package that meets your exact needs



mt | learning Gives You the Support You Need

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign, manage and complete training from any location at any time. This provides your staff with the unique opportunity to stay up-to-date on your facility’s emergency preparedness plan. Additionally, our other training initiatives allow employees to stay current on any and all procedural changes your organization makes as they happen.

Incident Reports

Easily customize and create digital incident reports to automatically push through your escalation process, ensuring accurate and timely submissions for all workplace incidents no matter the scale.

Equipment Management

Track your equipment and repairs in one location. Plan out contingencies if a serious event were yo occur at your facility.

Vendor Management

Track your vendors and contracts, all in the cloud.

SDS Management

Access our library of SDS to easily find and upload whatever you need.

Your Industry is Different

See the bundles we’ve built for you.

Community Health Centers


Urgent Care Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Physician Office/Specialist

Long-Term Care/Assisted Living

… and many more

Training experts, Compliance gurus, Credentialing pros, Accreditation aficionados. Our team is full of people to help make your entire onboarding and ongoing processes simple.

Manage your SDS digitally, no more notebooks full of paper!
Pre-formatted templates for OSHA required safety plans
Disaster Preparedness FAQs
Does MedTrainer software assist with communication during an emergency?

Yes. Our software will help your organization create a communication plan to comply with all applicable regulations.

Can plans be customized to our facility’s individual needs?

Yes. You can base a plan on risk assessment and design your response keeping those needs in mind.

Will our administrator still need to create an internal manual?

No. MedTrainer will use previous evaluations and your facility’s requirements to create a customized emergency and disaster preparedness manual.

Can plans be printed out to distribute physical copies to employees?

Yes, all of your plans can be printed out in order to train your staff.

Does MedTrainer provide any additional assistance when training for preparedness?

Yes. A recorded webinar will be sent outlining every detail of your plan to assist with employee awareness and training.