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Incident reporting software that makes your organization work better

Here’s what typically happens
with incident reporting:

An already stressful situation becomes even more so when you have to complete a paper form, then pass it to all the right individuals.
Then the form gets filed away.
What if you need to reference that form again?

What could have been a powerful learning experience becomes just another bump in the road.

There’s a better way.

Imagine a cloud-based system already in place, customized for your organization, and ready to put into action at a moment’s notice if an incident does occur.

How MedTrainer Makes Incident Management Less Stressful

Save time with our ready- made forms for 16 types of incidents Your report goes through the matrix your Account Manager already set up OR, create custom forms perfectly suited to your needs Get rapid responses to incidents All documents stored for easy access anytime, anywhere Create custom escalation matrices, so the right people are notified automatically Run reports to spot trends and track improvements Customize set-up with your personal Account Manager If an incident happens, simply fill out the appropriate form in your MedTrainer portal Attach any supporting information needed

Medtrainer’s incident management software is simple, seamless, and fully compliant.

The process creates a learning opportunity for everyone, with clear documentation and reports that help the organization improve.

You’re creating a culture of compliance, which ultimately means fewer incidents.

Incident reporting software that makes your organization work better

  • Automations customized to alert the right people for different types of incidents
  • Electronic acknowledgment requested automatically from specified roles or individuals
  • E-signatures stored to record who reviewed the report
  • Your dedicated Account Manager works with you to set up your custom matrix so it’s ready when you need it

Once equipment is registered

1. Fill out an incident report in MedTrainer’s platform.

2. Attach related evidence and witness’ information, if needed.

3. The report escalates through your custom-designed matrix.

4. Involved departments inquire and evaluate the report.

5. Once a resolution is obtained, the evidence is stored in the system.

6. Retrieve reports for audits and inspections.

Why MedTrainer?

MedTrainer is the only platform that has the complete suite of compliance tools.

With your monthly subscription, get the tools you need PLUS our whole team at your disposal. So much easier than hiring a new staff member!

We listen to you. We’re always adding features and increasing value based on your needs.

MedTrainer helps you deal with emergencies, big and small. Check out additional tools our customers use to stay calm under pressure.

“MedTrainer gives us the ability to complete incident reports digitally. Having access to multiple educational items has made a huge difference in our staff education. Incident reports are no longer floating around on paper and working to keep track when resolution is needed. It is all in one place the entire time.”


“MedTrainer has helped us the most by organizing licenses & certifications and annual education. The ease of use has been our favorite part!”


“MedTrainer makes it easier to keep track of tasks that need to be completed and not being overdue.”

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