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Tracking & Reporting

Let our system alert you and your employee of upcoming and past due courses.

Track Continuing Education

Retain employees by giving them ongoing training and development, and track their progress.

Overdue/Missing Courses

Assign each task to each person or role, and track their completion.

Automated Reports

Get reports sent directly to your inbox to stay up to date on how your team is moving along through training and onboarding.

Everything Under One Roof

Talk to our team to build the package that meets your exact needs



Modules can be bundled together for a custom package.

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign,
manage and complete training from any location at any time.

Incident Reports

Easily customize and create digital incident reports to automatically push through your escalation process.

Equipment Management

Track your equipment and repairs in one location.

Vendor Management

Track your vendors and contracts, all in the cloud.

SDS Management

Access our library of SDS to easily find and upload whatever you need.

Your Industry is Different

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Urgent Care Centers

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Long-Term Care/Assisted Living

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Healthcare and Medical eLearning FAQs
Is MedTrainer’s healthcare eLearning content complicated and difficult to use?

No! Utilizing MedTrainer’s healthcare eLearning content online makes it extremely simple to assign, manage, and complete training sessions from any location and at any time.

What are the benefits of MedTrainer’s healthcare eLearning content for administrative staff?

By using MedTrainer’s healthcare eLearning content, administrative staff can actively monitor team progress through a simple-to-use digital dashboard.

What are the benefits of MedTrainer’s healthcare eLearning content for students?

Students can also benefit from comprehensive software solutions, so they are fully aware of due dates and never miss an upcoming assignment.

What’s the role of OSHA in ensuring workplace safety?

The role of OSHA in ensuring workplace safety is a critical one. Without adequate OSHA online learning provided to your team, your facility runs the risk of accidents and non-compliance.

How can my organization benefit from MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning programs?

MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning opportunities offer the foundational basis from which your healthcare practice or large facility can build a healthy, safe, and compliant environment for staff and patients.

Is HIPAA training mandatory?

HIPAA training is required for all organizations that handle personal medical information about patients.

What is the purpose of HIPAA?

HIPAA was designed to protect the privacy of patients by limiting the available information about their health status and other factors.

How can I keep my employees up to date on new HIPAA regulations and initiatives?

With MedTrainer’s online healthcare learning content for HIPAA training, your employees will be up to date regarding all applicable HIPAA regulations and compliance initiatives.

What’s included in MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning software?

With a comprehensive course library, group learning initiatives, an interactive live training calendar, and the ability to customize content-based training with your own supplemental materials, MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning software provides a unique, all-inclusive training opportunity for your medical office or other healthcare organization.

What topics are included in MedTrainer’s eLearning initiatives?

With our all-in-one cloud-based healthcare software program, your staff can cover a broad range of topics, such as OSHA, CMS, HIPAA, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Skill Building, Accreditation, Management, and much more.

How does MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning program help streamline your organization’s interactions with government-run programs like Medicaid and Medicare?

Utilizing MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning program, your workers will be able to reduce the time spent trying to navigate the confusing complexities of Medicare and Medicaid. By using a medical CMS training program and our healthcare learning content online to teach your workers, you can reduce redundancies and inefficiencies in your workplace when dealing with Federal agencies.