Analyzing Healthcare Incident Report Data Is Easier Than Ever

Chris Seymour
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Effectively using healthcare incident reports turns your organization from reactive to proactive and can reduce the total number of harmful incidents. But, to realize the benefit, you have to encourage the reporting of incidents and harness data that can be hard to come by.

The real proactivity comes when you can identify incident trends before they become a serious problem. For example, if you know that one department is more prone to falls, you can conduct more frequent safety sweeps or offer incentives for months without lost time.

Using paper and spreadsheets to identify these trends is nearly impossible. It’s one of the biggest values of an online incident reporting system. MedTrainer is the only healthcare-specific incident reporting software and offers recently enhanced reporting capabilities.

Easily Report on Incident Trends

Customizable reporting in MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform offers healthcare organizations the ability to analyze incident report data from multiple angles to improve safety and patient care.

Build reports with any standard fields including incident number, lifecycle (active, inactive), status (resolved, escalated, etc.), location, date, names of people involved, escalation process, and more. You can filter this data to get exactly what you need, then save the report or email it on a recurring schedule.

Report Ideas

  • Resolved incidents by month and location to share with your board or auditors.
  • Escalated incidents by elapsed time and escalation process to see where resolution is being delayed.
  • Incidents by type, department, and location to identify trends and conduct an investigation.

The filtering ability also makes it easy to find specific incidents and check the incident activity log to see every action taken. This is especially helpful for super admins who are managing other locations and want to be sure the incident is resolved correctly.

Increase Proactivity in Your Organization

An online incident reporting system like MedTrainer simplifies the reporting process for employees, which helps to build a culture of compliance and proactivity.

With one system for compliance training, policy acknowledgement, and incident reporting, employees have less login information to remember and can quickly report an incident right after it happens. By creating incident report templates for each type of incident, you can ensure the fields are relevant and don’t leave employees guessing the information to complete. Plus, completed incident reports are available in the employee dashboards so they can watch the progress and see resolution of their reports.

Every report template can include an anonymous reporting option to give employees more peace of mind.

Why Choose MedTrainer for Incident Reporting Software

MedTrainer is built for healthcare organizations and their unique challenges. Incident types can vary based on geography, patient population, and more, so the ability to create an unlimited number of templates is critical. These templates also make analyzing data even easier to bring attention to what needs to be investigated.

Whether you’re a federally qualified health center (FQHC) with a risk committee or an accredited urgent care facility, MedTrainer Incident Reporting can help you create a culture of proactivity and safety.

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