Make Collecting Electronic Signatures for Healthcare Easy

Sarah Jones
Medical staff with tablet to complete compliance tasks

Remember sitting in class on the last day of school and watching the clock tick down the final minutes to freedom? Waiting was torture as it looked like the second hand was actually moving backward! Collecting electronic signatures for healthcare collection may feel the same.

Half of all documents in a healthcare organization require multiple signatures according to a 2023 MedTrainer poll. Compliance teams, human resource representatives, and policy managers may wait weeks or months for signatures from relevant approvers. This lag costs organizations valuable time and money, plus creates greater risk when policies and documents fail to reach healthcare governing bodies.

Electronic signatures for healthcare can reduce collection times from weeks to a few days. New employees can sign off on onboarding training and employment documents more efficiently, which gets them focused on actual work faster.

What are Electronic Signatures for Healthcare?

Electronic signatures are a key part of a digital healthcare document and policy management system. Traditionally, organizations use DocuSign or other platforms that require documents be converted to PDF before distribution. MedTrainer supports Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), images (png, jpeg, jpg), Adobe PDF, or creation in the platform with our document editor. So from creation to completion, back to editing, all document and policy work is managed within one system – including signatures.

Does Healthcare Really Need Specific E-Signature Software?

Yes. Healthcare has unique needs and regulatory requirements. There are complex workflows to get governing board approval and hundreds of employees who need to acknowledge multiple policies. Staff turnover means the volume of people is even higher than other industries.

How Electronic Signatures for Healthcare Create Efficiencies 

Boost Productivity Across Your Organization

More than 70% of human resource professionals lack the time to tackle new projects, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. They don’t have weeks or months to wait for approvers to sign new-hire documents or new HR policies. Electronic signatures cut approval times to days, which frees up HR pros for more pressing duties.

Streamline the New-Hire Process

New employees must complete an average of 54 activities while onboarding. Employers spend ~$4,000 and 24 days to bring a new hire in. Cutting onboarding time by streamlining signatures for training procedure completion can mean the difference between landing a talented pro and losing them due to aggravating delays.

Simplify Work for Everyone 

MedTrainer enables anyone to electronically sign a document or policy anywhere at any time. When one person signs, the document is immediately routed to the next approver and so forth. Once all signatures are gathered, the information is digitally stored – including signatures – in a single system for easy access in the future. Document and policy completion becomes routine instead of a drag on staff time and resources.

What To Look for When Choosing Electronic Signature Software for Healthcare

  • Approval Hierarchies: Ability to set a chain of signers so the entire board can sign
  • Automatic Tracking: Notify regulatory and accreditation agencies of who has signed which policies
  • Customizable Reporting: Report in real-time – without a spreadsheet – who has signed what
  • Flexible Document Formats: No need to convert JPGs or MS Word documents into PDF to get them signed
  • Mobile Signing: How many healthcare workers are ever actually at a computer?
  • Document Creation: Build documents in the platform makes it easier to get things signed quickly
  • Document Storage: Save time with your entire document management process in one platform – from writing and editing to signature and storage
  • Automation: Set up multiple signers, automatically send all required documents when a new employee is added to the system and for acknowledgment a year later when it is again required
  • Cost Effective: Margins are tight. Choose the best solution at the lowest price
  • Fillable Forms: With high turnover, fillable forms means employees can complete personal information sheets, I-9s, and more with ease

Electronic Signatures with MedTrainer Document & Policy Management

MedTrainer accelerates compliance with a unified digital platform that optimizes workflows and streamlines education, credentialing, and documentation. Learn how MedTrainer’s robust electronic signatures for healthcare creates efficiencies for your organization.


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