Enhanced Organization and Document Multi-Signatures Available in MedTrainer Compliance

Melissa Whetzel
Hands signing a document on a phone

Ensuring easy access and acknowledgment of documents, policies, and plans has never been easier for every employee and stakeholder of your healthcare organization.

Throughout 2023, MedTrainer released multiple enhancements to Document & Policy Management, including the availability of multi-signatures in the platform and improved organization capabilities.

Automate Your Policy Process

Getting multiple signatures on policies and contracts is never easy in a healthcare organization. Schedules are always packed, and it’s easy for papers to be buried under the mountain of required paperwork. With automated document multi-signatures in a mobile-friendly format, it’s just a few clicks for the admin, and recipients can review and sign electronically from any device. Completed copies are automatically saved in each signer’s document center.

3 Ways To Automate Electronic Signatures

  1. Signing Chain: Let’s say you need the medical director to sign a new policy, and then have it acknowledged by every single clinician in the facility. Just create or upload the document and assign the first signer, then subsequent signers can be assigned individually or by selecting the appropriate roles, departments, and/or locations.
  2. Multiple Signers: If you have a new policy you need board approval on, create or upload the document and email it to all board members at one time for signature. You will receive a notification when all the signatures are complete on the policy. 
  3. One Signer in a Group: When completing a time-sensitive process, like privileging, you might need just one signature, but you want to send it to multiple people hoping one person will quickly sign. Just create or upload the document and email it to your group. All emails are sent at the same time and any one of the recipients can sign.

Documents can be sent both internally and externally for signatures, making it easy to complete contracts for vendors or send documents to your governing board. You’ll have a real-time view of all documents to see signature status and the ability to save, export, and schedule reports. 

Take Document Organization to the Next Level

Additional organization is one of MedTrainer’s most requested features. In the Document Center, you can create an unlimited number of folders and easily drag-and-drop documents and folders as needed. Upload or move a large volume of documents at one time with a single action. These features all make it easier for everyone to find critical documents. All folders can be restricted by location and your customized categories are used across all folders for ease of use.

See the Full Capabilities of MedTrainer Document & Policy Management

Increase Efficiency With Document & Policy Management

Document & Policy Management can be added to any MedTrainer subscription and enhances onboarding paths with the ability to auto-assign documents during the new hire process. The robust Document Center brings together all compliance documents so your team can create, collaborate, review, edit, and approve healthcare policies and procedures in one application.

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