G2 Summer 2024 Reports: MedTrainer Is the Comprehensive Compliance Solution

Melissa Whetzel

LAS VEGAS, July 2, 2024 – G2 reviewers have spoken: MedTrainer is a Leader in Healthcare Compliance Software, according to the recently released G2 Summer 2024 rankings. MedTrainer has been a category leader since the ranking’s inception.

As the largest and most trusted software marketplace, G2 is visited by more than 80 million software buyers annually. Quarterly, G2 evaluates and ranks the products based on authentic peer reviews.

MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform is unique in the market. It is the only solution included in G2 Grid Reports for Healthcare Compliance Software, Healthcare Credentialing Software, Healthcare Learning Management Software, and Healthcare Risk Management Software.

With a natively built platform, users log in once, and all platform features are accessible and user-friendly, regardless of technical expertise. MedTrainer’s relentless dedication to innovation and quality improvement has resulted in hundreds of enhanced features, making it a natural choice for enterprise healthcare organizations focused on increasing efficiency and scalability.

MedTrainer eliminates the inefficiency of multiple software solutions and labor-intensive processes by enabling role-based automation. The solution creates transparency across the entire organization and can be integrated with leading HRIS systems.

“A compliance partner like MedTrainer — driven by technology-enabled solutions — is needed in today’s complex and evolving healthcare environment,” said Brian Williams, MedTrainer Vice President of Compliance. “Our all-in-one platform brings together multiple compliance workflows for greater visibility and makes it possible to save money and time by eliminating multiple-point solutions. The organization’s deep healthcare compliance expertise offers confidence in training content, credentialing workflows, and regulatory updates.”

MedTrainer G2 Summer Report Rankings

Healthcare Compliance Software

Since the category’s inception, MedTrainer has been an overall segment Leader. In the Implementation Index, MedTrainer is awarded for Highest User Adoption. The highest-rated features include HIPAA compliance, employee training, and policy management.

Healthcare Credentialing Software

MedTrainer ranked as a High Performer for the second straight quarter and notched the highest overall score for Quality of Support. MedTrainer got a perfect score for Product Going in the Right Direction. Just in 2024, MedTrainer has released dozens of new credentialing features, with many more planned for the remainder of the year.

Healthcare Learning Management System

In the Results Index, G2 reviewers awarded MedTrainer Best Results; in the Implementation Index, MedTrainer was awarded Easiest Setup. The LMS was above average in Meets Requirements, Ease of Admin, and Ease of Doing Business With.

Healthcare Risk Management Software

MedTrainer was ranked in the Healthcare Risk Management Software category for the first time. The company scored high in Quality of Support and Likelihood to Recommend.

What MedTrainer Users Love

Here are some reviews from G2:

“MedTrainer has made our staff’s continuing education and training easy and organized. As an administrator, it has made implementing the courses for the staff stress-free! We love the number of courses and features it offers to keep the material interesting for staff. This program was an easy integration into our office, and I would recommend it to any office that deals with annual education for their staff.”

Shannon M., Small Business


“We have been using MedTrainer products for a while at our organization. Their products are fantastic and extremely easy to use, streamlining learning, credentialing, accreditation, and compliance efficiencies. Automation and tracking with Medtrainer save time and material, keeping things organized for administrators, RN managers, and other corporate leaders.”

Raghu R., Chief Administrative Officer


“It’s simple to create bundles for students and new hires. I like the ability to author courses as well.”

Katie O., Small Business


“Integrity is a highly valued trait and something we view as incredibly important at our company. In speaking with the owner of MedTrainer, it is very clear that he views integrity the same as we do. I have worked in credentialing for 5 years and credential for multiple states – this software offers a variety of tools that aid in streamlining the credentialing process. This program is easy to navigate, and the reporting tool allows you to create documents that give you an ‘at a glance’ reference, which is very useful. I would recommend this product to both small and large companies, as it caters to both.”

Amy Y., Provider Relations

Discover Why G2 Reviewers Rave About MedTrainer

More than 3,000 organizations trust MedTrainer to streamline compliance through a unified digital platform that enhances workflows and accelerates education, credentialing, and documentation.

As a leader in healthcare technology, we continuously innovate to provide customers with the best experience and comprehensive capabilities all within one platform.

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