Healthcare Document Management Systems Drive Efficiency

Dave Clifton
Open file cabinet drawer

There’s a scene in the movie Bruce Almighty where Jim Carrey’s character asks God to see the file of his life. When he opens the file cabinet drawer, it cannonballs across the room with Bruce hanging on for dear life. A paper-driven healthcare document management system may feel like Bruce’s drawer – loads of information crammed into a small, unorganized space coming at them at warp speed.

Today’s digital healthcare document management system slows the chaos by streamlining credentialing, organizing human resource processes, and providing on-demand access to information on a single platform. On average, MedTrainer customers say they save 40 hours a week.

What Is a Healthcare Document Management System?

A healthcare document management system is a computerized solution to store, share, track, and manage files and documents. Every step of a healthcare document or policy workflow – from drafting, distribution, signature capture, and reporting/tracking – is managed on one platform. By managing healthcare documents and policies in one place, healthcare organizations can meet compliance and accreditation requirements with automated, multi-person electronic signing. Plus, HR saves time on new hire onboarding by assigning all policies with one click.

Importance of Healthcare-Specific Document Management

Healthcare organizations are unique entities and their challenges follow suit. They are heavily regulated to ensure patient safety, privacy, and quality of care. Each different care setting provides intricate, complex services that require specialized knowledge and expertise. Healthcare organizations are industry unicorns in that they manage multilayered financial models, longer decision cycles, and slower technology adoption.

These unique attributes demand specific functions from a healthcare document management system:

  • Time is precious for everyone in a healthcare organization and converting every Microsoft Word file or .JPG to a PDF is just not practical. A document editor, fillable forms, and automated signature capture are need to complete healthcare workflows.
  • Signature flow is a must for grants and accreditation. Digital healthcare document management systems create a chain of signers where the first approver signs and the document is automatically sent to the next person in line. Once all signatures are collected, the system notifies the document owner.
  • Accrediting organizations want to see all versions of a document or policy, so you need a solution where all document actions are automatically tracked and you can easily provide real-time status, analytics, and reports when asked.


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Five Key Benefits of a Digital Healthcare Document Management System 

1. Organized, Easily Accessible Documents

Provide a one-stop resource for all documents – from writing and editing to signature and storage. A drag-and-drop folder system makes it easy to keep things organized and cloud-based storage ensures all employees have access to important documents. In a 2023 MedTrainer poll, respondents said document organization is the top benefit for digital document management. 

2. Automated Approvals, Tracking, and Reporting

Manage board approvals, updates, and version history so you’re survey ready. Customize and schedule reports to capture who has — or hasn’t — received and acknowledged any document in the system.

3. Reduced Document Management Costs

With MedTrainer Document & Policy Management, customers everything needed for healthcare-specific workflows at a lower cost than larger document signing solutions. It’s backed by our highly-rated customer support and ultimately saves budget by reducing workloads and eliminating time-consuming tasks.

4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Our seamless mobile experience makes capturing signatures on any type of document (.docx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, and more) easy for internal and external approvers regardless of time or location.

5. New Hire Onboarding With Purpose

Automatically assign training, policy attestations, and other work when new employees are added to the healthcare document management system. You can pre-set tasks based on role, department, and location. 

Experience the Power of MedTrainer Document & Policy Management

Seeing is believing! Request a demo of MedTrainer Document & Policy Management by clicking here. Our healthcare document management system experts will show you how MedTrainer differs from other platforms and is the go-to choice for organizations of all sizes.