How Healthcare LMS Training Benefits Your Organization

Amanda Marten, MSN, FNP-C

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, so does the need for new and continued training. Updates to compliance standards, regulatory requirements, safety, patient care, and evidence-based practices make training an ever-transforming process. A healthcare LMS training platform is one way to deliver training quickly and effectively while maintaining compliance.

What Is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software platform that organizations use to create and deliver training. Training can be relevant to specific compliance regulations, organizational policies and procedures, or other job-related tasks. Companies can assign, track, and manage training modules through an LMS while evaluating specific metrics. 

More specifically, healthcare LMS training is designed for health organizations and professionals. With content specifically created for healthcare organizations, it’s the enterprise LMS of choice for training and educating employees to maintain compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards. Organization leaders and admins expect regular updates to training courses to match ever-changing industry rules.

Need for Healthcare-Specific Course Creation and Agility

Healthcare learning management systems are more than automated reminders and options for employees to complete training online. Healthcare organizations – especially enterprise companies – require an LMS with the specific training they need and data that informs business decisions and improves operational efficiency. 

Healthcare regulations are ever-changing, and new education requirements are seemingly added annually. Healthcare LMS training companies take this into consideration and employ policy experts who research, plan, and collaborate with healthcare subject matter experts to create course content. 

Some mainstream LMSs offer sparse healthcare training options if any at all. This forces healthcare organizations to create training, source free content (see why this is not recommended), or license needed healthcare courses. The proliferation of generative AI tools makes it much easier to create your healthcare training, but you still need a subject matter expert to ensure the materials meet compliance regulations and organizational standards.


Get tips from the pros on how to use AI to write compliance courses.

Benefits of Using a Healthcare LMS Training Platform

A healthcare LMS training platform is designed to meet the healthcare industry’s unique needs. Here are some benefits to look for:

Training Specific To Your Staff

Many mainstream learning management systems offer limited healthcare-focused courses, if any. Healthcare LMS training uses scenarios and examples from many care settings within the industry. This helps employees relate the training more easily to their role and engage more in what they are learning. 

Keep Up With Industry Changes

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. Federal, state, and accreditation requirements change rapidly, and your training programs must keep up. Providers of healthcare-specific learning management systems know the importance of quickly making course changes so you can be confident that the content is up-to-date. 

Training Designed for Busy Employees

Healthcare workers are always on-the-go. A healthcare LMS training platform is designed with this in mind. The ability to pause and resume courses makes it easier for staff to complete courses — without listening to the same part over and over. Plus, you can boost completion rates when employees have the ability to complete training on their device of choice. 

Reporting Designed for Inspections

You can count on regulatory and accreditation surveyors requesting course completion lists. A healthcare-specific LMS is built with this in mind. The ability to customize reports means you can include the information a surveyor will want so it is ready at a moment’s notice. 

Download a cheat sheet for OSHA, OCR, CMS, and OIG inspections.

Healthcare LMS Training Platforms Aren’t Created Equal

A great healthcare LMS should be part of an all-in-one platform that saves time, scales with your organization as it grows, and ensures compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

MedTrainer Learning is built for healthcare, and thousands of organizations use MedTrainer to simplify training and compliance needs. Here’s what our LMS offers:

  • Healthcare-specific courses that are consistently updated
  • Vendor knowledge about healthcare regulations and policy-making
  • Courses that are designed to meet multiple standards to reduce the load
  • Customizable reporting that can be set up for your regulatory or accreditation requirements
  • Automated course completion reminders
  • Ability to create or upload facility-specific courses

MedTrainer offers an all-in-one compliance solution that combines learning, compliance documentation, and credentialing. Experts will help your organization ensure that training is complete and compliant. Learn more about MedTrainer.