Healthcare’s Elusive Digital Signers: Toughest to Track Down

Dave Clifton

Your healthcare organization creates a new policy that requires signatures from every member of the Board of Directors. Once approved, the policy goes to employees who must acknowledge receiving and reading it. Simple, right?

Eight of the nine board members signed within a few days. It took two months to track down the last executive and secure a signature. Eight weeks to sign a new policy document may sound absurd but such delays can be the norm vs. the exception for many hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and other healthcare entities. Document and policy owners regularly struggle to corral a variety of personas who, for some reason, don’t sign in a timely manner.

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Here are five elusive personalities who make signature collection a nightmare and how MedTrainer helps bring them around:

Tough Signer - Procrastinator

The Procrastinator/Nonchalanter

The procrastinator is a person who always puts off signing until the last minute. They may delay signing because they are too busy or simply forget about it. The Nonchalant-er is a close cousin who sees a document and thinks, “Meh, I’ll sign it whenever. It’s a waste disposal contract. Big deal.”

MedTrainer to the Rescue:
MedTrainer Document and Policy Management automates email reminders and tracks when an approver signs the document. A real-time list highlights who in the signature chain has responded and those who need an extra nudge to fulfill their responsibility.


Tough Signer - Skeptic

The Skeptic

“Do we really need a new policy?” A Skeptic questions the very need of the document awaiting their signature. They argue the motives of policies or debate language in a contract. They may also question the security of electronic signatures (see The No-More Techie).

MedTrainer to the Rescue:
MedTrainer Compliance helps change a Skeptic to a Believer by empowering compliance officers with real-time reports to show the Skeptic that EVERYONE else has signed.


The Busy Bee

Healthcare organization executives are some of the busiest people on the planet. They are responsible for everything from company finances, revenue growth, compliance, industry regulations, and more. It’s no wonder they may not set aside time for something like a waste management contract.

MedTrainer to the Rescue:
MedTrainer’s electronic signature feature allows busy executives to address documents as part of their daily email regimen. Automated emails and reminders keep signature requests top of mind and allow a CEO or other leader to sign when they can on whatever device they happen to be on using mobile signing.


The Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It-er

There will always be healthcare organization professionals who believe spreadsheets and shared folders are good enough since they’ve “worked fine for years.” They like having the compliance officer drop by to grab a signature or have their team gather in a break room to sign an acknowledgement sheet together.

MedTrainer to the Rescue:
MedTrainer makes it so simple, even the Ain’t Broke crowd will get on board. Every step of the healthcare document and policy workflow is in one platform, removing the need for manual spreadsheet updates or searching a shared drive for the latest version. Information is organized in a way that all employees can access it across multiple departments and locations.


The Don’t Tech on Me-er

The thought of another technology to learn can be overwhelming for already-busy healthcare professionals. They may have just learned the legacy document management system and are now forced to adopt a new platform. And they may share the “leave it alone” mentality of the Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It-er.

MedTrainer to the Rescue:
MedTrainer listens to our customers and constantly innovates ways to make our platform easy to use and impactful for the success of each individual user. From training courses to credentialing to compliance, MedTrainer reduces technology fatigue from our singular focus on what the healthcare industry needs in a document and policy management system. And our platform is consistently rated by G2 reviewers as easy to use!


Make Collecting Electronic Signatures for Healthcare a Breeze

MedTrainer accelerates compliance with a unified digital platform that optimizes workflows and streamlines education, credentialing, and documentation. We make it easy for anyone to sign a document online from a mobile device. Plus, our automation capabilities reduce manual work. Learn how MedTrainer’s robust electronic signatures for healthcare creates efficiencies for your organization.


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