MedTrainer and HRIS: A Complementary Relationship

Melissa Whetzel
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Trying to use a human resources information system (HRIS) for healthcare compliance is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. They seem similar, until you take a closer look.

For all its power, a human resources information system can’t maintain and manage compliance-related training and policies like a platform built specifically for healthcare compliance. But, it’s not a choice of one or the other. Integrating both unlocks automation and data syncing that is incredibly powerful for today’s healthcare organizations. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the differences between MedTrainer and HRIS, the benefits of an integration, and signs that you need both.

The Difference Between MedTrainer and HRIS

Compliance software and HRIS are often thought of interchangeably because there can be some overlap in functionality and in who manages the software. However, they serve two distinct purposes. 

Put simply:

MedTrainer is designed to simplify healthcare compliance.

HRIS is designed to manage important employee information and HR processes.

Main Functions of MedTrainer and HRIS

MedTrainer HRIS
Healthcare compliance training and tracking Recruiting/talent acquisition
Online incident reporting Compensation and benefits
Document & policy management Absence management
Credentialing workflows Ongoing employee data management and processing

If you’re trying to decide between purchasing MedTrainer or an HRIS, you should consider the main challenges your organization faces and solve for those. For example, if you are working to correct compliance deficiencies or worry that your compliance training is inadequate, compliance software is the best choice. You’ll still have some HR features – electronic document signatures, form completion, and storage – but may need to continue managing your organizational chart and paid time off manually. If the latter are your biggest concerns, an HRIS is a great choice – and may even offer some compliance training. But it likely will not be of the same caliber as a solution like MedTrainer.

MedTrainer + HRIS: Partnership in Perfect Sync

Integrating MedTrainer and your HRIS will set your healthcare organization up for the most efficient administrative processes. In fact, you can even fully-automate new hire onboarding!

With this integration, approved employee information is automatically sent from the HRIS once a day to the MedTrainer platform through a secure API connection. A MedTrainer welcome email is automatically sent and your new hire onboarding workflow will start. In addition to adding employees, the sync automatically terminates employees in MedTrainer when the employee status changes in the HRIS. 

Benefits of MedTrainer and HRIS Integration

graphic showing MedTrainer and HRIS working together

  • Improve data quality: Automatic syncing of information reduces the chance of data entry errors or forgetting to assign required training.
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks: Automate reminders for staff to complete training and sign policies. You can even automate reassignment of training every year. For role-specific tasks — just set it and forget it.
  • Simplify offboarding: All completed training and credentialing documentation can stay within the MedTrainer platform so it’s easy to answer surveyor questions or reference details.
  • Manage staff turnover: With high staff turnover, integrations that improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks can make the turnover manageable. 
  • Get more done: Spending less time on administrative tasks and reporting means that HR and compliance professionals can focus on other priorities while employees complete and sign documents electronically.
  • Role-specific onboardings: Fully-automate new hire training and paperwork with onboarding paths. Role-specific course curriculums, policies, and acknowledgments can be pre-programmed and grouped ahead of time to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Improve user experience: Cloud-based platforms make it easy for users to complete all HR and compliance tasks from anywhere — which is especially helpful in busy healthcare settings. 

Signs Your Healthcare Organization Needs MedTrainer + HRIS

  • You are planning to grow. Manual HR processes make it very difficult for organizations to increase staff size because the number of tasks will increase exponentially. Implementing this integration in preparation for growth will make the process much smoother.
  • Accreditation or reaccreditation is on the horizon. Ensuring all employees have completed compliance training and tasks — and being able to quickly produce a report to show an accreditation surveyor is critical. Smooth the process with this key integration. 
  • Your organization has multiple locations and specialties. Healthcare compliance becomes much more difficult with multiple locations and roles to keep up with. A compliance and HRIS integration can ensure the standardization you need.

Time-Saving Integrations with MedTrainer

While MedTrainer and your HRIS will feed off of each other throughout the employee lifecycle, do not confuse these two tools as one and the same. With MedTrainer working hand-in-hand with your HRIS, you’ll see gains in efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction. 

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