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We’re living in a technologically advanced time, and if you’re not taking advantage of it already, there’s technology out there that can make OSHA training for healthcare professionals so much easier. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a large regulatory agency of the United States Department of Labor that ensures workplaces are safe for employees and legally requires all healthcare facilities to abide by their rules and regulations.

Online OSHA training for medical offices and the enforcement of correct procedures are vital to worker safety. OSHA standards require employers to conduct employee training to learn about the safety of their jobs relevant to the day-to-day tasks and potential risks workers are facing. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide healthcare workers with information about their rights and responsibilities, the responsibilities of their employers, how to file a complaint, and how to identify and prevent safety and health hazards. 

MedTrainer has a built-in OSHA toolkit that gives you a step-by-step checklist of everything your organization needs to meet all OSHA standards and complete all OSHA learning online. With MedTrainer, all of the required OSHA training for healthcare professionals will be listed in this toolkit, so there’s no need to enroll in OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program. And… not only is an OSHA toolkit available with the program, but we also provide a built-in HIPAA training toolkit as well.

Online OSHA training for medical offices makes it easy to prepare for an inspection from the health administration. An OSHA inspector is going to request several documents proving that employees have completed their safety and health programs and reported incidents. Having these documents compiled and accessible is going to make the whole process run more smoothly.

Everything is stored in MedTrainer’s healthcare training software so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of which employees have or have not completed their OSHA or HIPPA training with multiple binders. With MedTrainer, employees can complete their OSHA learning and compliance online. Staff can fill out incident forms from anywhere, and MedTrainer stores them digitally with easy look-up access. Imagine everything you need like training courses, safety plans and incident reports, and safety data sheets all in one place and searchable with MedTrainer’s OSHA training for healthcare professionals resources.

We have over 600 training courses available in our course library, covering topics such as workplace violence, workplace injuries and illnesses, respiratory protection, bloodborne pathogens, and so much more. To complete OSHA training for your healthcare professionals, build your curriculums from our course library or upload your own course materials to the OSHA learning online platform.

If easy OSHA training for healthcare professionals sounds like a dream to you, request a personalized demo with one of our product experts.

MedTrainer’s award-winning software covers your essential needs, including OSHA and HIPAA training, but also can make credentialing tasks more manageable as well, with our medical credentialing software.