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We help compliance management become the thing that makes you great, not the thing that holds you back.

With world-class software and dedicated support, choosing MedTrainer is like hiring a whole compliance team, for just a fraction of the cost of one new hire.

Thrive when short-staffed

MedTrainer automates the most tedious compliance tasks with our online healthcare compliance solutions, so staff can do more with less. Spend less time on contract management, equipment monitoring, OSHA and HIPAA compliance, and compliance onboarding for new hires. When you use the pros, you’re ensuring these compliance tasks are always done right.

Ensure flexibility when regulations change

We’re in an ever-changing regulatory environment, but keeping track of compliance changes can be more than one person (or even a small team!) can handle. Let us stay on top of it for you, and help you manage every change and new requirement with ease, from medical CMS compliance training requirements to telehealth rules to COVID policies and whatever else may come.

All the tools you need for healthcare compliance management. Choose one or pick the mix that meets your specific needs.

Our online healthcare compliance solution helps you create a culture of safety with fast and effective Incident Reporting.

Put the focus on improvement with MedTrainer’s adaptive Incident Reporting tool, designed to help you document root causes and actions taken. 

  • Demonstrate performance improvement with the included reporting feature 
  • Ready-made incident report templates for a wide variety of scenarios 

Employees are empowered to document everything quickly and accurately


Equipment Management solutions to prevent malfunctions, missing documentation, and loss of accreditation.

Set your equipment maintenance and monitoring on auto-pilot to prevent equipment failures and extend the life of your organization’s most expensive hard assets, all inside our online healthcare compliance solutions toolset.

  • At-a-glance organization — categorize equipment by location, features, departments, and more
  • Automated alerts for scheduled maintenance

Manuals, maintenance contracts, warranties, and more are all stored on the cloud for easy access by authorized employees


A better — and safer — way to manage required Safety Data Sheets.

Federal regulations require your employees to have immediate access to all updated SDSs without leaving their work area. The best solution? Keep all your Safety Data Sheets on the cloud, easily accessible to everyone. 

  • SDSs from McKesson supplies are automatically uploaded 
  • Or just find the SDS you need from our proprietary database of over 1 Million SDSs to add to your digital library
  • Want paper copies? Easy! Bulk print with a click.

It’s one of our best medical compliance office solutions 


Spend up to 80% less time on Accreditation
and get through your compliance team accreditation task list fast.

All accreditations are different. Some require task completion, while others request specific documentation. No matter which accrediting body you are working with, MedTrainer can help you easily compile and build out the relevant task and documentation needs. For your compliance team accreditation becomes simple.

This add-on product includes helpful features like…


  •  Customized task lists
  • Auto alerts for compliance team accreditation tasks
  • Instant notifications when requirements change

Finally, a Policy and Document Management solution that keeps everyone on the same page.

Be prepared at a moment’s notice — for audits or whatever comes your way — when you’re using our online healthcare compliance solutions document management system. 

  • Anytime/anywhere access to policies across the entire organization 
  • Easy to document revisions 
  • Get electronic staff acknowledgment
  • Better company-wide healthcare compliance education


Easy Safety Plan templates, plus organization-wide access so you’re always ready.

Anytime, anywhere access to your organization’s most important safety tools to help keep your employees safe and prompte healthcare compliance education and training.

  • Get into compliance quickly with a huge collection of OSHA-compliant Safety Plan templates, or upload your own
  • Templates include COVID-19 Injury and Illness Prevention Plans, Infection Prevention Gap Analysis, Hazardous Communication Programs and more
  • Assign to staff to read and get electronic acknowledgment


Our OSHA and HIPAA Toolkits include everything you need to succeed.

Get access to easy-to-use templates for required reports, mock inspection forms, and more!

  • Use our templates to quickly complete required OSHA and HIPAA forms
  • Reports save automatically for seamless collaboration and cloud-based access


Collaboration across all departments for Contract Management with everything in one place.

MedTrainer’s unique Conversations platform lets staff organization-wide collaboratively manage and review contracts within our online healthcare compliance solutions platform. 

  • Everything stays in one place on the cloud for easy anytime/anywhere access 
  • Receive automatic notifications of expiration dates and auto-renewals
  • Support compliance with a full audit trail of all interactions


See where you stand. Get the HIPAA and OSHA Risk Assessment tool.

MedTrainer offers a detailed assessment to help you narrow down focus areas for improvement, and lets managers know where to allocate resources. Make sure you aren’t exposing yourself to fines and liability! 

If your organization has deficiencies? Use the rest of our tools to make the needed adjustments, and level up your healthcare compliance training or medical CMS training.


Why MedTrainer

MedTrainer is the only platform that has the complete suite of compliance tools, and helps with healthcare compliance training.

With your monthly subscription, get the tools you need PLUS our whole team at your disposal. So much easier than hiring a new staff member!

We listen to you. We’re always adding features to our medical compliance office solutions and increasing value based on your needs.

Made for healthcare organizations, get Medical CMS Compliance and Training….and so much more.

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