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MedTrainer is an online based Compliance & Safety Management Training system that can benefit health organizations in many ways.


MedTrainer provides online compliance training participants with easy and convenient access on any computer or mobile device, there is no special software needed. Staff can also access the training on their schedule when they have the time. Management can conveniently edit and upload safety plans and incident reports.

Immediate and Cost-Effective

Safety & Compliance training Online with MedTrainer is immediate, cost-effective and easily affordable. There are no set-up fees and all-inclusive pricing. Get instant Bloodborne pathogen, HIPPA, & OSHA training.

Easy and Fun

Medtrainer Compliance Training Online

MedTrainer is a new way to learn Safety & Compliance Training Online and is enjoyable for staff to participate in There are no more boring lunch and learns or seminars needed to attend with all the training done on any device with internet access. For more information on the benefits of online training for healthcare organizations and a list of our online courses, please visit or to schedule a demo visit