About ABC Pharmacy Associates: By the Numbers

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Founded in 1993

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Southern California

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100+ employees

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Physician owned

The Challenge

Incomplete compliance training and resulting audit deficiencies put ABC Pharmacy’s growth in jeopardy, causing the pharmacy manager considerable stress and anxiety as he spent countless hours enabling and tracking staff training.

The Solution

MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform relieved the pharmacy manager’s stress by reducing the training workload and automating onboarding and exclusions monitoring so ABC Pharmacy could run more efficiently and feel relaxed and prepared for future audits.

The Results

ABC Pharmacy not only reduced their compliance workload by 5 – 10 hours a month but also saved 5 hours onboarding every 10 new hires, allowing them to dedicate more time to expanding their pharmacy locations and eliminating audit-related worries and anxieties.

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ABC Pharmacy + MedTrainer

Reducing Manual Tasks to Make Growth Possible

Risking Compliance With Scattered Records

As the manager of a thriving pharmacy, Gerald Woo wanted to focus on expansion opportunities and helping customers. Instead, he was grappling with compliance challenges that were costing him time and money. He tracked training completion, maintained Excel records, and managed upcoming training renewals for over 100 staff members on top of his other responsibilities as pharmacy manager.

Saving Time With an All-In-One Platform

When ABC Pharmacy heard about MedTrainer from their medical supplier, McKesson, they knew it was the solution they needed. MedTrainer centralized all of ABC Pharmacy’s compliance training and onboarding processes, streamlining oversight and offering peace of mind about future audits.

From Slip-Ups to Success

ABC Pharmacy has freed up 5 – 10 hours every month and has sped up onboarding each new employee by half an hour. Woo said that with audits picking back up post-pandemic, having MedTrainer has given him peace of mind that everything is accounted for and in order.

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MedTrainer Learning
MedTrainer Compliance
Exclusions Monitoring

minutes saved onboarding each new employee

"Being able to streamline everything together has saved me a lot of headaches and time on all the new employees, plus it gives us the confidence that we’ve got all the documents on file for audits.”

Gerald Woo, Pharmacy Manager, ABC Pharmacy
ABC Pharmacy Case Study

"MedTrainer is good because it’s all centralized, so I can very quickly see who’s done what training, and everything’s organized.”

Gerald Woo
Pharmacy Manager, ABC Pharmacy

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