About Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky: By the Numbers

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3 counties

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5 locations

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80+ employees

The Challenge

Managing paper-based processes and in-person training, while also being prepared for HRSA operational site visits, was very difficult in a fast-paced community health center.

The Solution

MedTrainer’s all-in-one platform streamlines risk management, training, incident tracking, policy and procedures, and reporting needs so staff can focus on patients.

The Results

Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky has experienced substantial time savings, noticeable staff satisfaction, and increased compliance with MedTrainer.

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Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky + MedTrainer

Staying Ahead of Regulatory Requirements

Endless Man Hours Maintaining Compliance

The small administrative staff at Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky had to dedicate endless man hours tracking and documenting individual staff compliance and scheduling training sessions across various satellite locations.

MedTrainer Reduces Manual Tasks

Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky can provide all necessary courses for onboarding new employees and meeting annual requirements directly through the MedTrainer platform. All employees — no matter their location — can access and complete their assigned courses directly online.

Removing Stress From HRSA Operational Site Visits

Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky has dramatically streamlined its compliance management and training processes since adopting MedTrainer. Having all courses available online in one application has saved time for administrators and ensures better compliance with required training for OSHA, HIPAA, and HRSA.



“Previously, I had to dedicate significant time to putting all the training materials together, researching the content, and then actually facilitating staff training. Since we have adopted MedTrainer, our time savings have been substantial and our staff satisfaction has been noticeable — and that is priceless.”

Kelly Durall Chief Operating Officer and Quality Improvement Director

“My favorite feature is the course bundle packages because I’ve been able to make a non-clinical bundle and a clinical bundle for new hires. I can now assign a whole package to new employees with all the courses that they need to get started. Before MedTrainer, I would have to pull all those pieces together in paper format and worry about whether something was forgotten. Now I can click a button, know they have received the required onboarding education and it is done.”

Kelly Durall
Chief Operating Officer and Quality Improvement Director

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