About the Community Hospital: By the Numbers

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25 specialties

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700+ employees

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200+ providers

The Challenge

The inefficient paper-based management of provider credentialing was causing prolonged delays, physical clutter, and hindering prompt reimbursement.

The Solution

MedTrainer Credentialing Software streamlined their process, automated tasks, and offered one place to manage their providers' credentials, eliminating the need for paper documents, reducing manual tasks, and ensuring timely renewals with notification alerts.

The Results

The hospital has doubled the number of providers they can credential and literally cleared the clutter in their office.

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Community Hospital + MedTrainer

Improved Efficiency Makes Room for Growth

Paper Pile-Ups and Cumbersome Credentialing

The manual, paper-based credentialing process was time consuming, inefficient, and unable to handle the increasing number of providers, which meant they were missing out on potential revenue.

Leveraging a Cloud-Based Platform

With MedTrainer, the community hospital’s credentialing team was able to effortlessly centralize provider credentials in one place, including in-platform DEA verifications and direct document uploads by providers into a secure profile. This resulted in time saved from previously manual tasks.

Improved Efficiency Makes Room for Growth

Since implementing MedTrainer, the hospital’s team has significantly improved its credentialing process — doubling the number of providers they can credential in a day and reducing the waiting period for new providers to start work.


increase in number of providers credentialed

"I was lucky to get maybe one or two providers done before because I was printing all those papers out, but now I'm able to do three or four, even when we have an influx of providers."

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"It no longer takes so much time to sort everything. Files get uploaded quickly, even off of certain verification websites we use to look up information. I'm not spending hours a day doing one task."


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