About Sault Tribe Health Division: By the Numbers

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9 locations

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250+ employees

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35+ providers

The Challenge

Ensure proper training, standards, and patient care among hundreds of employees across multiple locations.

The Solution

MedTrainer’s all-in-one platform eliminates paper processes and provides hundreds of verified courses, brings incident reporting online, and helps to keep policies and procedures updated.

The Results

Sault Tribe Health Division has maintained a 99.98% training completion rate in their more than five years of using MedTrainer.

Sault Tribe Health Division's Success With MedTrainer


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of policies updated


days to onboard employees

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Sault Tribe Health Division + MedTrainer

Streamlining Compliance and Standardizing Training

Push for Modernization

In 2017, with staff members dispersed over a wide area, Sault Tribe Health Division struggled with managing the quality of training and tracking completed courses in accordance with federal, state, and accreditation requirements. Administrators were expected to create their own educational presentations to teach staff consistent protocols and policies needed to be printed and manually dispersed.

MedTrainer Saves Time, Helps With Accreditation

Sault Tribe Health Division relies on MedTrainer’s vast library of courses and for the first time is able to easily update policies and procedures. Onboarding paths have helped Sault Tribe Health Division meet AAAHC standards, which require completion of staff training and policy acknowledgement within 30 days. 

Five Years With MedTrainer, Still at 99.98% Training Compliance

The benefits of implementing MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform have been transformative for Sault Tribe Health Division. They have successfully boosted training compliance — from 60-70% to 99.98% — and are still sitting at that impressive number more than five years later. They have improved responses to workplace accidents and incidents, and with the ability to easily update policies and procedures, they’ve updated nearly 90%.


MedTrainer Learning
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Documents & Policies
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Incident Reports

of policies updated

“We had struggled for years managing our documents on paper, across nine different sites. With everything digitized, we saw a great opportunity to revamp our policies and procedures. I was able to make changes directly within the MedTrainer system and have now updated about 90% of our policies and procedures. Sharing these changes is instantaneous, and everybody gets by-the-minute versions right in front of them.”

Joanne Umbrasas Director of Operations, Sault Tribe Health Division

“To make any big change successful, you need to get everyone on board and comfortable with the new way of doing things. That’s been one of the huge advantages of MedTrainer—it’s very simple, very user friendly, and very administrator friendly. The solution was not only easy to adopt, but also continues to deliver results, year after year.”

Joanne Umbrasas
Director of Operations, Sault Tribe Health Division

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