About Women's Health Connecticut: By the Numbers

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Founded in 1997

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90 locations

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1,700+ employees

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250+ providers

The Challenge

Managing an influx of new hires and rapid growth across multiple cities and states while using paper-based compliance processes.

The Solution

MedTrainer offered a wide variety of courses, along with SDS management, digital folder organization, online incident reporting, and more.

The Results

Women’s Health Connecticut standardized training and compliance management, enabling the organization to more efficiently grow from 40 practices to 90.

Women's Health Connecticut's Success With MedTrainer


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Women's Health Connecticut + MedTrainer

Consistency and Time Savings Facilitate Growth

A Multifaceted Dilemma

Lakesha Rivera started as Director of Clinical Operations and realized there was no company-wide standard for managing compliance and training. While some facilities had high adherence rates, others were working with outdated OSHA manuals or were using trainings on YouTube that hadn’t been adequately vetted.

MedTrainer is Just Right

Find the right technology fit was harder than Rivera thought. Some software solutions weren’t robust enough for all the different courses staff needed. Other programs had a price tag that floated just above reasonable for their budget. When Rivera tried MedTrainer, she felt like she found a program that was just right.

Women’s Health Connecticut Improves Scalability

The efficiency created with MedTrainer has facilitated the organization’s growth from 40 to 90 practices over the past seven years by taking time away from administrative tasks and putting it back where it matters most — in patient care.


"What impressed us was the fact that not only were there courses available, there was SDS management, the folders, and everything is paperless, the incident reporting, it was just like on and on and on and we were like oh, so this is a little more than just here's some courses."

Lakesha Rivera Director of Clinical Operations, Women's Health Connecticut

"My favorite feature is the customized courses. Different divisions within the business have been using it to get messages across clearly to all of the different locations. Training certain aspects of the EMR, we just recorded it, plopped it into MedTrainer so then new staff comes in, here you go. It doesn't have to be done over and over again."

Lakesha Rivera
Director of Clinical Operations, Women's Health Connecticut

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