Four Best Cornerstone Alternatives and Competitors

Korede Afolabi, MScPT

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of effective training and compliance management. Cornerstone, a popular learning management system (LMS), has been a go-to solution for many healthcare organizations. However, its limitations have led many to seek alternative LMS options.

This article will explore Cornerstone’s features and limitations and introduce four alternative LMS options: MedTrainer, CareAcademy, Docebo, and Relias. We’ll use data from G2, a trusted peer-to-peer review platform that provides in-depth business software and services assessments. We’ll also draw insights from Capterra reviews and company websites to compare Cornerstone and its top rivals comprehensively. Our analysis will highlight the key feature differences and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each solution, empowering you to make an informed decision for your organization’s training needs.

What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is a comprehensive LMS that supports employee development, compliance, and talent management. Its features include:

  • Course management and delivery
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Performance management and analytics
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Integrations with HR systems

Cornerstone Pricing

The company does not list pricing on its site.

Cornerstone Limitations

While Cornerstone is a robust LMS, it has some limitations that may not meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations, including:

Four Best LMS Alternatives to Cornerstone

Using information publicly available on G2 and Capterra, these are the top learning software alternatives to Cornerstone. The details below include quotes, plus the pros and cons of each solution.


MedTrainer offers an all-in-one alternative to Cornerstone and is used by thousands of organizations. Here are some of the MedTrainer features G2 reviewers call out:

Streamline Compliance Training and Customizable Reports

With MedTrainer, you can say goodbye to manual paper tracking! MedTrainer’s learning management system (LMS) automates compliance training tracking, providing real-time insights into course completion by provider, department, and location. All learning data is available in both pre-built and customizable reports, covering course progress, assignment, completion, and assessment metrics. Additionally, the real-time reports can be scheduled for automatic daily, weekly, or monthly distribution to simplify internal and external reporting for inspections, accreditations, and surveys.

MedTrainer Receives Top Honors for Healthcare LMS Excellence
In spring 2024, MedTrainer was awarded the Highest User Adoption, Easiest Setup, and Best Results in Healthcare Learning Management Systems by G2. When evaluating healthcare compliance software, a critical factor is the platform’s user interface and experience (UI/UX). MedTrainer customers offer high praise in this area, commenting on the intuitive interface that enables administrators and healthcare professionals to manage data efficiently. The cloud-based platform simplifies the management of essential tasks such as learning, compliance, and credentialing within healthcare organizations.

Seamless HRIS Integration for Streamlined Onboarding
MedTrainer’s platform seamlessly integrates with leading HRIS systems, including UKG, ADP, Paylocity, and Workday. This integration ensures the automatic addition of new employees to MedTrainer, eliminating the redundancy and error potential accompanyingthat accompanies manual data entry. New hire onboarding can be fully automated with compliance training and required documentation assigned by the new hire’s position, department, and location.


CareAcademy is a mobile-friendly platform designed to optimize the learning experience for caregivers, granting access to lessons and healthcare resources. This facilitates compliance maintenance with minimal supervision and oversight. Users commend the platform’s intuitive interface and its ability to simplify adherence to mandatory licensure requirements. However, some users have noted that the platform’s reporting capabilities could be refined, with some mentioning that extracting necessary information requires manual data sorting, which can be time-consuming. Administrators also say they prefer email communication with students over text-based communication.

While CareAcademy provides a convenient platform for ongoing education and compliance, some reviewers suggest that the platform could be enhanced by developing more sophisticated reporting features to minimize manual data sorting, expanding communication options to include email, and continuously soliciting user feedback to identify and address any additional areas for improvement.


Docebo is a popular LMS that offers a range of features, including customizable course catalogs, mobile compatibility, and integrations with other systems and tools. Healthcare professionals appreciate the platform’s flexibility and scalability. Despite its non-healthcare-specific course offering, some users have noted that Docebo’s user interface can be overwhelming, with too many features and options, making navigating difficult. Other reviewers have mentioned that the platform’s customer support responds slowly, particularly for complex technical issues. Healthcare professionals have expressed a need for more advanced reporting and analytics capabilities and enhanced security features to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry. 


Relias, a prominent provider of workforce education and enablement solutions, offers healthcare organizations and their staff a suite of integrated tools and high-quality learning content. However, some customers have expressed frustration with the company’s contractual terms, citing hidden long-term auto-renewal clauses that can lead to costly and inflexible agreements. The platform’s reporting features have been criticized for being outdated and cumbersome, making it challenging for administrators to track user progress and training plans. Healthcare professionals have found the courses too lengthy and lacking engagement, with dense content hindering employee comprehension. Navigating the platform has also proven difficult for some customers, with course searches and enrollment tracking posing significant hurdles. To compound these issues, reviewers say technical support is slow to respond to escalated requests, leaving users waiting for extended periods or, in some cases, having their issues forgotten altogether.

MedTrainer – Your Top Healthcare LMS Alternative

The competitors above all offer learning services and functions to a point. MedTrainer is an all-inclusive learning platform and is the best alternative to Cornerstone.

MedTrainer Learning is an enterprise cloud-based software with the largest proprietary course library of healthcare content explicitly curated to meet the requirements of regulatory and accreditation organizations. With nearly 1,000 courses, the MedTrainer Course Library offers easy management of required training from one simplified system that includes over 300 CEs, regulatory compliance, healthcare industry-specific, and Spanish language courses.

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