Understanding the Value of a Healthcare Compliance Company

Amber Ratcliffe
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Compliance is top-of-mind for any responsible healthcare organization. Yet, despite a concerted effort to stay on-track and up-to-date with evolving standards and regulations, many organizations find themselves behind the eight ball. When their compliance efforts begin to show gaps, they turn to a healthcare compliance company to help get them back on track. 

Healthcare compliance companies are extremely valuable partners — even for organizations that handle compliance in-house. With so much riding on compliant practice and proof of compliance, finding the right compliance partner is an investment well-worth the time and money

What Is a Healthcare Compliance Company?

A healthcare compliance company helps providers and organizations adhere to the complex and ever-changing regulations and standards that govern the healthcare industry. These companies offer consulting, advisory, and auditing services to ensure facilities, practitioners, and administrators comply with legal, ethical, and industry-specific guidelines.

The main goal of a healthcare compliance company is to reduce and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. In turn, this helps promote better patient safety, privacy, and data security. These organizations work closely with clients to develop and implement effective compliance programs, conduct risk assessments, provide staff training, and monitor ongoing compliance efforts. 

What Services Do Healthcare Compliance Companies Offer?

Healthcare compliance companies provide a range of services, each aimed at ensuring adherence to industry regulations. These services typically include:

  • Compliance Training Delivery. Compliance experts offer training programs to educate staff on relevant regulations and best practices. They help employees understand their responsibilities and how to comply with various healthcare laws and guidelines.
  • Policy and Procedure Development. These companies help healthcare organizations develop policies and procedures that align with industry regulations and standards. Having well-defined policies helps ensure consistent compliance across the organization.
  • Safety Plan Development. Healthcare compliance companies help create safety plans tailored to the specific needs of the organization. These plans address potential risks, emergency preparedness, and protocols that safeguard patients and employees.
  • Risk Management. By conducting risk assessments and providing risk management strategies, compliance experts are able to help healthcare facilities identify and mitigate potential compliance breaches.
  • Incident Reporting. These companies establish systems for timely, accurate incident reporting. Proper reporting helps to rectify compliance violations promptly and minimize potential harm to patients and legal repercussions.
  • Ongoing Compliance Services. Continuous support helps healthcare organizations remain compliant over time. This can include regular audits, updates on regulatory changes, and ongoing training to keep employees informed and accountable.

Put simply: a healthcare compliance company’s bottom-line job is to help clients create and maintain standards of compliance that are aligned with industry regulations and best practices. It’s a critical function that, if not handled in-house, requires the support of a strong partner. 

How Can a Healthcare Compliance Company Help My Organization?

A healthcare compliance company can significantly benefit any healthcare organization that doesn’t have an in-house healthcare compliance officer — and even those that do!

Compliance training from an external expert equips staff with the necessary knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities to reduce the likelihood of compliance breaches. Beyond that, policy and procedure development create guidelines to foster consistent and compliant practices across the organization. And, by assisting with safety plan development, these companies enhance preparedness and risk management that safeguards both patients and employees. 

For those organizations who already have baseline training, policies, and practices in place, there’s still a lot to be gained. The ongoing support offered by a healthcare compliance company — such as regulatory updates — ensures continuous compliance. 

How Do I Choose the Right Healthcare Compliance Company?

There are numerous considerations to take under advisement when selecting a compliance partner. Here are a few criteria to keep top-of-mind when evaluating potential partners:

  • Range of Services. Choose a company that can scale with you. Ensure the company offers a comprehensive range of services that align with your organization’s requirements — including compliance training delivery, policy and procedure development, risk management, incident reporting, and ongoing support.
  • Designed for Healthcare. Look for a company with a proven track record in healthcare compliance. Experience demonstrates their ability to understand the complexities and nuances of healthcare regulations, making them better equipped to meet your organization’s specific needs than a general compliance firm.
  • Technology Capabilities. Digital solutions can enhance the efficiency and accessibility of compliance training and reporting processes. Partner with a company that leverages modern technology to help you achieve and maintain compliance effortlessly. Bonus points for integration opportunities that help you automate!
  • Continuous Innovation. Healthcare regulations are part of an evolving compliance environment. Look for a company that’s continuously releasing updates and new capabilities. Continuous innovation ensures your compliance program remains relevant and effective over time.
  • Ongoing Support. Look for a company that’s responsive to customer requests and has good customer service. Check out customer reviews to see who’s mentioning good customer service. Also, look for a company that has expectations about responsiveness — for example, customer service should respond within 48 hours with a solution.

In addition to all the above, you want to work with a healthcare compliance company that takes the time to understand your organization, its goals, and any significant obstacles you might face. Compliance isn’t about checking boxes; it’s about making meaningful change that aligns you with best practices. You don’t just need a solutions provider; you need a partner. 

MedTrainer Helps You Achieve (and Maintain) Compliance

There’s too much riding on compliance to make it an afterthought — yet, healthcare organizations don’t always have the in-house capabilities to prioritize training, audits, recordkeeping, and improvement initiatives. Thankfully, MedTrainer is here to help. 

With our expertise and experience in the healthcare industry, MedTrainer provides a tailored solution designed to meet the unique regulatory challenges of various healthcare settings. Through our online platform, organizations gain access to critical compliance services, including training delivery, policy and procedure development, risk management tools, incident reporting capabilities, and ongoing support. By centralizing these functions, MedTrainer streamlines the tall task of continuous compliance. 

Don’t let compliance fall by the wayside. Schedule a free demo of MedTrainer today and explore opportunities to make it part of everyday operations, for a culture of compliance that gives you continuous peace of mind.