Why Leading Organizations Use Healthcare Accreditation Software

Sarah Jones

Accreditation is often a stressful and all-hands-on-deck situation for many healthcare organizations. Typically, one person is in charge of the process, and others must pitch in to meet the necessary standards. The pressure mounts as the accreditation visit approaches, with everyone scrambling to ensure that all policies, training, and documentation are in order. With healthcare accreditation software, everything is already tracked and organized so you’re confident heading into the visit without all the stress.

In this article, I’ll share five reasons to use healthcare accreditation software and why MedTrainer’s all-in-one compliance platform is the best choice to streamline the healthcare accreditation process.

What Is Healthcare Accreditation Software?

Healthcare accreditation software is a comprehensive digital tool designed to help healthcare organizations manage the complex requirements of accreditation. It integrates various functions, such as training management, policy creation, document tracking, and reporting, into a single platform. This software can be customized to meet the specific standards of different accrediting bodies, ensuring that organizations can easily maintain continuous compliance. By automating routine tasks and providing real-time updates, healthcare accreditation software enables organizations to focus on delivering quality care rather than getting bogged down by administrative burdens.

5 Reasons To Use Healthcare Accreditation Software

Accreditation surveyors agree that readiness is the top priority for any healthcare organization undergoing a survey, and healthcare accreditation software makes it easier for them to review the documentation. 

Here are five reasons to use healthcare accreditation software:

  1. You’re Always Prepared
    One of the primary benefits of healthcare accreditation software is the automation that keeps your organization prepared. For example, automated reminders prompt you to reassign annual training, so it isn’t all completed in the 60 days before the surveyor visits. All training completions and document acknowledgments are automatically tracked, providing a clear compliance record. Additionally, automated license expiration notices remind the provider to complete renewal and  the credentialer to upload the new license promptly. Many surveyors check the renewal date against the filing date to ensure you’re staying on top of documentation.
  2. Surveyors Like to See Technology
    Accreditation surveyors appreciate the use of advanced technology in healthcare organizations. Healthcare accreditation software demonstrates a commitment to modern, efficient practices. It shows that the organization values accuracy, consistency, and transparency in maintaining compliance. Using such technology can leave a positive impression on surveyors, potentially influencing their evaluation favorably.
  3. Customize Reports to What the Surveyor Needs
    Healthcare accreditation software allows you to customize reports to meet the specific needs of your accrediting organization. You can set up your reports in advance, ensuring that they align with the accrediting body’s standards and requirements. With saved reports, you can view, download, or email them at any time, confident that they are accurate and ready for review. This level of preparedness impresses surveyors and saves time and effort during the accreditation process.
  4. You’re Confident Training Content Meets Accrediting Organization’s Requirements
    Accrediting organizations often have stricter requirements than regulatory agencies, particularly concerning training content. Using a healthcare-specific learning management system (LMS), you have access to healthcare-specific training that meets standards for many accrediting organizations — from The Joint Commission to AAAHC. This software offers confidence that your training content is up-to-date and compliant with the latest accreditation requirements.
  5. Save Money
    Investing in healthcare accreditation software can result in significant cost savings for your organization. The software is typically less expensive than hiring a dedicated staff member or consultant to help you prepare for accreditation. It also reduces the risk of not meeting accreditation requirements, which can lead to lost business or the need to repeat the accreditation process. Ensuring continuous compliance and readiness helps the software avoid costly penalties and inefficiencies associated with accreditation failures.


Get a list of The Joint Commission accreditation standards that require training - and a course list.


Why Use MedTrainer To Prepare for Accreditation

Accreditation is crucial for enhancing your healthcare organization’s public image and establishing trust with patients and providers. However, achieving accreditation standards is no easy feat. Balancing numerous responsibilities while managing the facility’s day-to-day operations can be incredibly challenging.

MedTrainer’s all-in-one solution is designed to ease the burden of document storage and streamline the accreditation process. With MedTrainer, you can eliminate the hassle of paperwork, ensuring a smoother, more efficient accreditation journey. Here’s what we offer:

  • Learning Courses Designed to Meet Accreditation Standards: The MedTrainer Learning course catalog includes nearly 1,000 healthcare-specific training courses, many of which meet standards for accrediting bodies, including the Accreditation Commission for HealthCare (ACHC), Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and The Joint Commission (TJC).
  • Document and Policy Management: MedTrainer Compliance streamlines manual document and policy management processes to lower the risk of mistakes and delays. Our software centralizes document and policy management and storage, customizes scheduled reports, and improves staff communications and attestations with digital signatures, and automated email reminders.
  • Single-Source Credentialing System: MedTrainer Credentialing efficiently tracks certifications, background checks, privilege delineation, and more in one centralized location. Our credentialing software helps automate the credentialing process and monitor progress in real time. Your processes are easily accessible, visible, and stored in the cloud.

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