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Our number one priority is improving the quality of healthcare management.

Our mission: To revolutionize the healthcare industry.


About Us Statement

MedTrainer was founded in 2013 with a simple idea. Create a company that delivers affordable learning, compliance tools, credentialing and accreditation support to the healthcare market all within one platform.

In 2015 the first MedTrainer market release was launched and quickly became a success through word of mouth with little advertising. The management team worked with a variety of major healthcare groups and Fortune 100 Companies to brainstorm on how MedTrainer could deliver such a wide variety of solutions within one platform.

Fast forward to 2020 and MedTrainer is the leader in providing an integrated solution to the healthcare market. Today MedTrainer has over 2,500 customers representing over 15,000 healthcare locations and supports over 300,000 healthcare professionals.

MedTrainer maintains a blend of technology and human assisted support which has led to something unique in the software industry.

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