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To reset your password, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Your administrator can send a reset password email to the user via the employment center and clicking on the employee name then clicking restore password. It can also be preset by the administrator via the employment center and clicking on the employee name, then click full profile, then User and Password. Once User and Password is set, an email will need to be sent to the user with their information.
  2. Users can send themselves a reset password email by clicking “forgot password” on the login page at:

You can login directly on the MedTrainer website at and click LOGIN or you can log in directly by clicking this link:

You should be getting email reminders when courses are due or past due along with a weekly summary. If you are not getting email reminders, please contact You may also view the status on all courses by clicking on my student dashboard tab.

The super admin can only change or add admins to a location. In order to change an admin, the super admin must select the employee’s name in the employee’s center tab, click Once inside of the employee name tab click “full profile” and then change access under the “account level” tab.

Only admins have the ability to change course due dates. If you are an admin, you can change the employees due date by selecting the course under team assignments, find the employee whose due date you wish to change and click on the calendar to change the due date.

Certificates can be printed by the student or admins. Admins can go to the employee’s center then click employee’s name. after clicking on employees name click certificates. All certificates for current and completed courses will be shown. Certificates for a particular course will also show under the completed tab in the main dashboard under completed until the course is auto reassigned and then will only appear in the my transcripts or for admins in the employee center. Students can print their certificates in their transcripts section by clicking the print button on the certificate they wish to print.

MedTrainer bills customers monthly. A copy of all your bills will show in the admin panel under billing/settings.

MedTrainer has been developed to be affordable and easy to use for organizations of any size. Price will vary depending on how many employees and location you may have. For more information contact or call (800) 337-0288.

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