Save Your Sanity With Cloud Credentialing Software

Sarah Jones
Cloud credentialing software

Healthcare credentialers have one of the hardest roles in a field that is known to be challenging. There’s incredible pressure to get providers credentialed and enrolled at the speed of light so they can begin earning revenue for the organization. Yet, many credentialers are also responsible for many other administrative duties, making it difficult to manage the volume of documents, tasks, and details.

Cloud credentialing software offers credentialers a way to save their sanity. The online platform simplifies provider data collection and storage while offering automations and workflows that help credentialers complete tasks faster. Use the information below to start making a list of your must-have features and imagine all that you’ll be able to accomplish with a little help!

What is Cloud Credentialing Software?

Cloud credentialing software is a digital solution that streamlines the healthcare credentialing process with automated workflows, organization, and online accessibility of all credentialing data and provider information. Providers can upload their documents to a secure portal from anywhere, eliminating common delays and excuses. Plus, credentialers no longer have to deal with the stacks of paper and files, scanning, and printing.

The software serves as a “source of truth” for an organization, providing a robust ecosystem of data, content, and functionality to streamline and improve the credentialing process. It offers features like automated credentialing workflows, provider data, document organization, and the ability to quickly adapt to future industry changes and compliance requirements.

You Know You Need Credentialing Software When…

  • Your organization is growing, and the amount of credentialing work is increasing quickly.
  • Credentialers are trying to keep up with enrollment demands but get stuck on other responsibilities.
  • A long-time credentialer leaves your company, and you’re unsure of how to fill the gaps.
  • Your credentialer can’t keep up, but the company doesn’t need or can’t afford another employee.
  • Your current credentialing software vendor isn’t meeting expectations, continues to raise rates, or provides inadequate customer support.
  • Leadership doesn’t understand the vital role credentialing plays in driving revenue and growing the business.

Choosing Cloud Credentialing Software That Will Save Time

Healthcare operates quickly, without extra time for hiccups or convoluted processes. This is why the industry is often slower to adopt technology. However, cloud credentialing software is the only way to move faster and manage all the details of today’s credentialing process. Here’s what you should look for to be sure the tool you choose will save you time and eliminate headaches.


Use cloud credentialing software to handle your most tedious processes. Without automation, you probably spend 15 minutes (or more!) on tasks that software can complete in seconds. Here are automation examples to look for:

  • Automated license verification: Credentialing software can automatically find DEA and state licenses and even import the verification document, removing the need to go from website to website, downloading and uploading.
  • Pre-filled data: Look for software that integrates with external sources like CAQH or automatically fills applications based on the data you enter. Either way, it’s eliminating redundant data entry and the increased chance of errors.
  • License expiration notices: Never miss a deadline again when your software sends reminders to you and the provider when a license or certification is set to expire.
  • Document request reminders: Stop hounding providers for documents and signatures and let your credentialing software do it.

Customizable Reporting

Choose cloud credentialing software that provides customizable reporting, including credentialing reports, enrollment application dashboards, exclusion reports, and license tracking, to support informed decision-making. This offers intuitive, comprehensive, customized credentialing reports.

Ease of Use

The last thing you need is to spend days implementing new cloud credentialing software and training staff on difficult-to-understand features. Look for a user-friendly interface for administrators and healthcare workers to streamline data management. Find a platform that seamlessly integrates with HRIS systems and automatically adds new employees to your software.

Customer Support

Credentialing is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to troubleshoot issues alone or spend valuable time on hold with vendor support. Look for a credentialing software company that provides live customer service staffed by credentialing experts who respond immediately or guarantee to solve the problems within hours, not days.

Electronic Signing

Half of all documents in a healthcare organization require multiple signatures. Electronic signatures for healthcare can reduce collection times from weeks to a few days. Your credentialing software should include:

  • Approval Hierarchies: Ability to set a chain of signers so the entire board can sign
  • Flexible Document Formats: No need to convert JPGs or MS Word documents into PDFs to get them signed
  • Mobile Signing: How many healthcare workers are ever actually at a computer?
  • Fillable Forms: With high turnover, fillable forms mean employees can efficiently complete personal information sheets, I-9s, and more

Save Time With MedTrainer Credentialing Software

MedTrainer offers cloud-based credentialing software that saves you time and accelerates the process. In a 2022 survey, MedTrainer customers reported an average reduction of three weeks per provider in their credentialing timeline.

Here’s why you’ll love MedTrainer Credentialing Software:

  1. Centralized Provider Management: Enjoy a single location for all provider data, documents, and communication.
  2. Provider Document Uploads: Providers can upload all documents, licenses, and more through a secure link with automated reminders sent until all required documents have been received.
  3. Automation: Automated reminders, notifications, and status updates streamline the credentialing process, reducing manual effort and minimizing delays.
  4. Customizable Dashboards: Intuitive dashboards and reporting capabilities that provide visibility into the credentialing status of each provider, enabling proactive management and informed decision-making.
  5. Workflows and Checklists: Standardize your credentialing processes with custom workflows and checklists to increase efficiency and ensure anyone can step into the workflow and know what’s next.
  6. Real-Time Reports: Quickly and easily explore the data you need to make decisions and increase visibility into gaps and upcoming action dates for providers, locations, and insurance payers.
  7. Highly-Rated Customer Support: MedTrainer is constantly investing in the customer experience. Every call is answered by a team member, and if we can’t solve your issue immediately, we commit to solving it within two business days.

Start saving time today by scheduling a demo with a MedTrainer expert.