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The growth of technology has opened up countless opportunities for convenience in both our daily lives and workplace operations. Cloud-based programs have helped streamline and improve businesses in ways never thought possible — and the healthcare industry is no exception. Doctors and nurses have to handle a large amount of data on a daily basis — and so do other key figures in every healthcare organization, including compliance officers.

While the pandemic brought about critical advancements in technology — most notably the expansion of telehealth — compliance remains one of the last-touched areas by digital transformation and cloud computing. Luckily, that’s changing, and it’s helping healthcare providers stay compliant and provide better care for their patients.

What is the Cloud?

Before discovering the benefits healthcare organizations can enjoy when they make the switch to cloud-based systems, let’s talk about what the “cloud” really is.

Essentially, the cloud is a virtual space where data is securely stored and accessed remotely. Instead of data being stored on a physical device, it’s held in virtual servers, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that healthcare data, such as patient records, can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere. It adds up to increased efficiency and collaboration, while maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Put simply: the cloud is a way to house data that makes it accessible in a variety of different ways, as opposed to local data, which is only accessible on the computer where it’s stored.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology in Healthcare

Now that we know what the cloud is, let’s dive into some of the biggest benefits it has to offer organizations. Here’s how the cloud is transforming healthcare:

Highly Efficient

The integration of cloud-based solutions in healthcare has brought about a monumental shift in the way providers operate. The most significant advantage of this technological advancement is the increased efficiency it provides in terms of compliance.

Gone are the days when time was wasted on long in-person training sessions, the physical movement of incident reports from one office to another, or searching for critical policies in the HR office. With cloud-based solutions in place, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care to their patients with ease, while ensuring compliance.

Better Patient Care

Cloud-based compliance software helps providers offer a higher standard of patient care — especially when it comes to compliance. It has a major, positive impact on standardized training, ensuring all employees are receiving the same high-quality training regardless of facility.

Cloud-based software also provides an easy-to-access repository of critical documents. Now, compliance professionals can have confidence that all employees are working off the same version of every policy, eliminating the need to keep track of the most recent, correct version.

Helpful Automation

The advantages of cloud computing in the healthcare industry extend beyond mere convenience and efficiency. Compliance professionals have an enormous task of managing vast amounts of data and documents to ensure the organization’s policies are up-to-date and employees are trained effectively. With the help of automation tools and cloud-based software, these professionals can streamline their processes and receive timely reminders when policies require updates or staff need to complete training.

Compliance professionals enjoy an additional benefit from cloud-based software — automated reminder emails. Now, automation eliminates the need to manually send thousands of emails — a tedious and time-consuming process. Cloud-based software provides a reliable and efficient solution for compliance professionals who work hard to ensure the organization remains compliant with regulatory requirements, all while streamlining their day-to-day tasks.

Better Storage

Improved storage is one of the most significant advantages that compliance officers enjoy with cloud-based technology. Shifting to cloud storage eliminates the use of paper-based record keeping, freeing up physical storage space.

Moreover, purchasing on-site servers for digital storage can be costly for healthcare facilities, which can be avoided with the use of remote servers. Using cloud-based solutions, healthcare facilities can save both money and space while enjoying improved and secure data storage solutions, setting the stage for better patient care.

Enhanced Security

The importance of secure storage in the healthcare industry cannot be overstated. Hospitals and medical facilities must remain vigilant in protecting patient health information from falling into the wrong hands. It’s not only a matter of confidentiality; regulatory agencies require compliance with strict guidelines, such as HIPAA. That’s why many healthcare providers are turning to cloud-based storage systems as a reliable solution. These systems provide increased security and safety for medical records, making them an essential tool in meeting industry standards.

Improve Healthcare Compliance Using Cloud Technology

Compliance especially can benefit from cloud-based systems. Here are four ways to use the cloud to maintain compliance, for staff and administrators alike:

1. Use e-learning for better, faster training

Healthcare organizations have traditionally relied on in-person, classroom-style sessions for conducting compliance training. Unfortunately, this approach has several drawbacks that can sometimes hinder productivity in healthcare.

The biggest challenge is scheduling training sessions during work hours, which can be a headache. It forces organizations to pull staff from the busy floor, impacting both patient care and revenue. Retaining critical information may also be difficult for some staff given as part of a single, long presentation. Ultimately, in-person classes offer little control over consistency. Lastly, training administrators are required to document completion and track yearly renewal dates for all staff, which can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone task when done manually.

E-learning can solve all these challenges and more. Here’s why cloud-based e-learning solutions are the answer:

  • Automatic course assignment
  • Higher completion rates
  • Auto alerts and tracking
  • Full documentation for compliance

2. Store all policies in one place for easy reference

The strength of any organization lies in its policies and their effective implementation. Clinical standards and regulatory compliance are at the forefront of this, making it essential for policies to be readily accessible and frequently used — but many organizations still rely on outdated practices, storing policies away in binders or cabinets where they are neither quick nor easy to access.

Cloud-based solutions offer a game-changing alternative, providing a single, centralized repository that enables administrators to easily create, store, manage, and update policies and procedures. By harnessing the power of the cloud, organizations can ensure that their policies are fresh on everyone’s mind, helping them maintain high standards, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve their goals with greater efficiency and ease. It’s never been easier to store — and refer to — important documents like:

  • Contracts
  • Incident reports
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Safety plans

3. Organize the credentialing process

Credentialing can be an overwhelming task — even for the most experienced healthcare professionals — with copious amounts of documentation and deadlines to meet. Doing it manually can lead to errors, making it a daunting experience. Cloud-based credentialing software provides a reliable solution for hospitals and healthcare providers alike.

By consolidating all necessary documentation, communication, and tasks, software simplifies credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes. With one secure location for uploading documents and tracking progress, it’s easy to see what’s needed to speed up the process and ensure accuracy.

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4. Harness the power of automation

Cloud-based solutions make it easy for healthcare providers to receive critical automated reminders for employees to complete assigned courses or acknowledge policies. This ensures that staff remain up-to-date on industry standards and regulations. Additionally, the software offers automated DEA and OIG/SAM exclusion checks, making it easier for healthcare organizations to comply with legal requirements.

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