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The growth of technology has opened up countless opportunities for convenience in both our daily lives and workplace operations. Cloud-based programs have helped streamline and improve businesses in ways never thought possible, and the healthcare industry it’s no exception.

Doctors and nurses have to handle a large amount of data on a daily basis, and with the help of cloud computing software, it becomes easier to manage than ever before. But what are the benefits of cloud computing in healthcare? The impact of the digital cloud has many wide-reaching effects that may be difficult to see at first glance. For more information, here’s a review of the most significant cloud computing healthcare benefits:

What Is the Cloud?

Before asking what the benefits of cloud computing in healthcare are, there’s another important question that’s likely on your mind: what is cloud computing anyway? The cloud is another name for a virtual space where data can be stored and accessed. Rather than keeping information in a physical device, cloud computing stores data remotely. This way, anyone with a wifi connection can access the cloud servers anywhere, in turn, can access the information stored there.

Highly Efficient

Skimming through filing cabinet folders for a single document is a tedious process. With cloud computing solutions, you can skip this hassle and the papercuts. Whether you’re looking for electronic health records, test results, or other important data, it can all be easily accessed in a matter of seconds. So long as you have a stable wifi connection, gathering the specific documents you need is fast and simple.

Improved Patient Care

As you’re well aware, the main goal of the healthcare industry is to provide quality care to its patients. So with that in mind, you’ve probably been wondering: what are the benefits of cloud computing in healthcare for patients? More than we can count. With the efficiency of a cloud-based system, streamlining patient care becomes a whole lot easier.

Patient records can be easily shared between doctors on the cloud, allowing for convenient and swift communication. Add the fact that care providers can see past interactions between physicians and clear medical history, and patient-centric care becomes easier than ever. Knowing a patient’s history allows doctors to avoid over-prescribing medicine, retreading past treatments, and offering more specialized care.

Helpful Artificial Intelligence

Schedules in the healthcare industry can be awfully busy. With so much data, it can be challenging for care providers to manage all the critical information. That’s why it’s best to leave it in the hands of artificial intelligence. AI technology can handle large quantities of data with high complexity much better than humans can. When artificial technology takes the reins of data management, the entire process becomes streamlined and enhances facility productivity.

Better Storage

What are the benefits of cloud computing in healthcare facilities? Improved storage, without question. Hospitals that switch to cloud storage can say goodbye to paper-based record keeping and all the space that’s needed to store it. Further, healthcare facilities won’t have to flush financial resources down the drain to purchase expensive on-site servers for digital storage. With the help of remote servers, you’ll be able to save money and space at your hospital!

Enhanced Security

No hospital wants patient health information to fall into the wrong hands, so having a secure storage system is critical to remain compliant with regulatory agencies.

There’s little to no room for error in the healthcare industry, which is why many facilities are switching to cloud-based storage. They offer increased security that helps you maintain your medical records in a safe location. Cloud-based storage systems also help hospitals meet HIPAA standards, meaning they can play a key role in meeting compliance requirements.

Now that you understand the many cloud-computing healthcare benefits, you’re probably looking for a reliable provider to bring the cloud to your facility. At MedTrainer, we offer healthcare organizations a variety of useful programs to help streamline their operations. We provide incident reporting software, healthcare compliance reporting, and so much more. Contact MedTrainer today to learn more and schedule a demo of our software.