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Popular Compliance Training Examples



What is compliance training?
Just to give you a quick refresher, compliance training is healthcare training that is offered to employees in order to educate them about the organization’s laws, regulations, and rules regarding their work. Often, compliance training for healthcare staff must be completed according to a specific timeline. Additionally, the progress and results from the training programs can be monitored and tracked to ensure that each employee has truly mastered the presented material. 


How are compliance training courses delivered?
Most healthcare organizations utilize a learning management system (LMS) to organize and assign online compliance training courses in addition to monitoring individual progress for the training programs. Online compliance training courses have grown in popularity for many reasons. Using online compliance training courses:

    • Allows an organization to track progress

    • Eases access to various courses

    • Keeps employees up to date with new information

    • Reinforces learning with assessments

    • Saves money for the organization

    • Saves time for everyone involved


Why is compliance training important?
Compliance training is important because there are a number of laws, regulations, and rules to be aware of and follow in the healthcare industry. To ensure the safety of patients, employees, and the organization, it is imperative that healthcare staff learn about the laws, regulations, and rules of their occupation. 


What are the benefits of using compliance training?
There are many benefits that accompany utilizing compliance training for both the trainee and the organization. Benefits for trainees (learners) include:


    • Microlearning provides a quick and effective method to train staff on what they must know and allows complex regulations to be broken into digestible chunks and customized for specific job responsibilities

    • Skills-based learning focuses on one topic at a time that demonstrates a best-practice and/or evidence-based approach and allows the learner to test their skills in a case-study environment

    • Scenario-Based learning – an immersive approach that uses real-life situations and provides a relatable and highly relevant learning experience

    • Compliance training through gamification to promote scoring (rewards for correct answers), competition among peers, and engagement

    • Compliance training that is applicable to the learner and not just a summary of the rules

Benefits of using compliance training for healthcare organizations include:

    • Maintaining a safe workplace environment

    • Creating a productive workplace environment

    • Reducing risks posed to patients, employees, and the organization

    • Decreasing the risk of legal actions being taken

    • Securing insurance for the organization


What are some popular compliance training examples?
Some popular compliance training topics include the following:

    • Anti-harassment

    • Business ethics

    • Corporate compliance

    • Cybersecurity 

    • Data protection and privacy 

    • Diversity and inclusion

    • Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

    • HIPAA, social media, and texting compliance

    • HR compliance

    • Information security

    • Insurance

    • International Organization for Standardization

    • Manual Handling

    • Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA)

    • Risk management

    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act

    • Sexual harassment 

    • Workplace safety

    • Workplace violence prevention

Each compliance training example serves a specific purpose: to educate healthcare employees about the rules and regulations regarding their practice to allow for maximum compliance to be met. For example, learning about HIPAA allows healthcare employees to understand patient rights regarding privacy and security. Learning about diversity and inclusion educates healthcare employees about treating everyone equally, despite the differences between their own self and whoever they may be dealing with. Learning about workplace safety teaches healthcare employees about the rules they must follow in order to ensure safety not only for themselves but also for their work associates and patients. Each course teaches a different subject which further promotes a compliant workplace environment. 

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