Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

Everyone who is involved in the industry realizes the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance in healthcare, and that it’s paramount to the success and legality of a practice or large organization. MedTrainer’s healthcare compliance management software provides a unique and complete solution to managing regulatory compliance.

Read more ... Recently, many software companies have offered healthcare providers with a litany of confusing and complicated programs that are supposed to manage compliance and adherence issues in the workplace. These initiatives, although well-intentioned, often lead to more confusing scenarios where management struggles to maintain awareness of multiple complex processes that were marketed as compliance solutions. With MedTrainer’s healthcare compliance management software, your healthcare facility can integrate all regulatory issues into an all-in-one solution that can genuinely streamline internal processes and maintain a clear and detailed record of compliance and adherence.

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MedTrainer: Your All-In-One Solution to Healthcare Compliance Education and Adherence
MedTrainer is proud to give providers the tools they need to run an efficient and effective healthcare institution. By offering medical device lifecycle tracking, HIPAA training initiatives, and medical credentialing processes, MedTrainer hopes to build a solid foundation of regulatory compliance in healthcare that your organization can positively build upon. For more information, contact MedTrainer today.

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Take the work out of the SDS management, run reports, and add new product sheets any time it is needed.

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Provide your staff with the appropriate tools to ensure they all practice the right safety measures.

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Expedite the reporting process and escalate reports directly to managers and supervisors within the system.

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Keep all important equipment documentation, maintenance logs, repair records, and service reports organized in one place.

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The Documents and Policies feature gives you access to multiple tool sets to simplify your life.

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The Contract Management Tool lets you create contract categories and types, upload contract-related documentation.

Medical CMS Compliance Training Requirements

MedTrainer provides a cost-effective and integrated solution for OSHA and HIPAA compliance and CMS requirements in a healthcare-related workplace. From credentialing to equipment management, MedTrainer’s all-in-one approach to compliance and workplace management helps management teams prepare for inspections and inquiries with everything needed to conform with current regulatory standards

SDS Management

Gurantee safe chemical substance handling in your workplace. Forget about long, unorganized piles of printed SDS sheets, and allow your staff to have immediate digital access to all SDS.

Incident Reports

Upload or create records directly in the platform. Simplify the reporting process any time an adverse event happens in your facilities. Attach essential data to each report, such as witness information, evidence, and investigation details.

Safety Plans

Prevent potentially harmful situations in your facilities in just a matter of minutes. MedTrainer eases the process of safety plan creation and distribution amongst your staff with pre-formatted, OSHA-compliant templates. Create your own and assign if needed.

Equipment Lifecycle Management

The Equipment Lifecycle Management Tools allows you to have reliable records over your company’s assets and administer all your facility’s equipment and rooms. Optimize your equipment lifecycles and streamline maintenance operations from a single, cloud-based platform.

Healthcare Compliance Solutions

By utilizing our cloud-based software model, your healthcare organization will be able to expedite the reporting process and generate instantaneous alerts to management when warranted. Documentation and procedural elements of your practice can be easily managed with on-demand form generation and implementation. Compliant issues can be quickly assessed and resolved with complete and detailed summary information available to all responsible parties. MedTrainer provides your staff with the tools necessary to create a compliant and effective workplace.

As Easy as ABC

1. Administer SDS sheets, Equipment, Incident Reports, and Safety Plans from one, simple-to-use platform.

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2. Boost Efficiency and streamline the actions that will guide your company towards compliance.

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3. Comply With state and federal regulations such as OSHA, and always be ready for audits and inspections.

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Healthcare Compliance Management Software

Having an effective and efficient way to track healthcare compliance in the workplace is essential to running a successful company. Regulatory compliance in healthcare can often lead to wasted time and energy spent trying to utilize outdated procedural techniques to track current protocols. That is why it is so important to make sure your firm has the ability to maintain adequate records of regulatory compliance in healthcare settings. With MedTrainer’s exclusive healthcare compliance management software, your organization will have the tool necessary to manage your staff and facility's overall adherence to all applicable state, federal, and agency standards

Healthcare Compliance Training

Has your facility struggled with maintaining up-to-date and accurate records of healthcare compliance training? Has the organization suffered from poor regulatory compliance in healthcare initiatives that left more questions than answers? MedTrainer’s healthcare compliance management software will give your business a comprehensive solution that will assist staff with healthcare compliance training and maintain accurate records of training completion and upcoming regulatory changes that will occur.

Healthcare Compliance Education

This all-in-one tool for healthcare compliance education can be easily implemented. When properly utilized, it will give your staff and management the ability to tackle the most complex compliance challenges that come with running a healthcare facility.

Medical Compliance Certification

Medical compliance certification can be one of the most confusing and often complex issues that a healthcare organization faces. MedTrainer’s comprehensive healthcare compliance management software will streamline your internal administrative processes, ensuring your facility can concentrate on your core objectives.