MedTrainer Elevates Healthcare Compliance and Education Through This Exclusive Outcomes Rocket Podcast Series

Melissa Whetzel

[LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 23, 2024] – MedTrainer, an industry leader in healthcare compliance, is leaving an indelible mark on healthcare education with its five-part podcast series showcased on Outcomes Rocket. Featuring insights from CEO Steve Gallion and other key executives, the series delves into the convergence of technology, policy impact, credentialing, and the pivotal role of technology in healthcare operations.

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The series includes the following episodes:

Saul Marquez, CEO at Outcomes Rocket, extends an invitation, stating, “We invite everyone to explore these insightful episodes on MedTrainer’s groundbreaking contributions to healthcare compliance and education. Our goal is to empower healthcare organizations to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and navigate the complex landscape of compliance.”

In the series opener, CEO Steve Gallion provides transformative insights into the role of technology in healthcare compliance, introducing MedTrainer’s comprehensive platform. 

“Healthcare compliance is mission critical, but its execution is stuck in the past,” Steve explains. “Healthcare organizations need a single access point to meet and maintain compliance and increase the speed of operational workforce management. It must be designed through the eyes of healthcare teams to truly meet the needs of an ever-evolving industry.”

The podcast series addresses the challenges of staying abreast of evolving healthcare policies, emphasizing readiness, and early implementation. It also navigates the complexities of healthcare credentialing, offering strategies for effective processes, ensuring compliance, optimizing revenue, and delivering quality care.

Chief Operating Officer Kevin Stineman delves into the intersection of technology, compliance, and healthcare operations, with a focus on finding value and increasing efficiency. 

“Today technology, such as software as a service (SaaS) platforms, evolve quickly to stay compliant, are easy to deploy, and can help organizations meet critical regulatory requirements at a reasonable cost,” Kevin says. “But most importantly, when organizations use technology to simplify tedious and time consuming administrative tasks, like compliance training, patient-facing team members have time to focus on patient-centric activities and deliver better care to their patients.”

The series concludes with Vice President of Compliance Brian Williams, exploring the concept of compliance in healthcare and strategies for cultivating a culture of compliance within organizations.

To access the podcast series and learn more about MedTrainer, visit MedTrainer’s landing page.

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