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Let us introduce MedTrainer, your all-in-one compliance
management suite. With one click, instantly assign necessary
training, manage employee records, incident reports, safety wizards
and much, much more.


MedTrainer, the only end-to-end
Healthcare Compliance Management Suite.

World Class Training.
With MedTrainer, managing regulatory training has never been easier. Choose from our library of over 100 courses to assign to a single user or a group of users.
Policy and Procedure
With MedTrainer’s policy and procedure tool set you can upload or create policies within the MedTrainer system with ease. Manage, update, assign and collect digital signature from staff and store them all in one place inside the MedTrainer docoment center.
Safety Plans
MedTrainer provides you with safety plan templates, so you can enter your organization's information, and populate it into a customized safety plan that you can assign to staff, or upload and distribute existing safety plans to staff.
Credential Management.
We created a simple to follow credential management system for monitoring offline credentials such as employee licenses, health screenings, CPR/First Aid and much more.
SDS Management.
MedTrainer's SDS library grants you access to over 1 million SDS sheets. Create organization specific SDS binders, so employees can access SDS sheets online at any time.
System Customization
MedTrainer allows for customization of system elements, courseware, and other dynamic elements with little effort or expense. Create a customized experience for your organization to fit your needs.
Contract Management
Healthcare organizations deal with hundreds of contracts dealing with everything from insurance payment contracts to building leases. Track, manage, and collaborate on contracts that affect your organization with MedTrainers’s Contract Management Tool.
Incident Reporting
Organizations can now allow employees to file incident reports for incidents that happen within the workplace for proper resolution. Simplified work flows as well as advanced available RACI Work flow schematics help to escalate incidents to the right person, department or administrator to ensure awareness and allow for resolution.
Equipment Lifecycle Management
Managing vital pieces of equipment within a healthcare organization is a crucial component of compliance. MedTrainer’s Equipment Life cycle Management Tool allows for tracking of users, in-servicing, preventative maintenance, repairs, calibrations and much more.
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Assign, schedule, track & automate.
It’s like magic, for compliance.

MedTrainer provides a suite of tools for credentialing, primary source verification initiatives, license and disciplinary checks, learning management portals and couseware, as well as offering efficient and effective safety and compliance management.




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    Custom E-Learning Development
    If you have an idea on what message you are trying to convey, our experienced team of E-Learning developers can turn your course topic into a vivid interactive training experience.
    Credentialing icon
    Credentialing Made Easy
    Easily manage the provider credentailing process including enrollment tracking, primary source verification, license verifications and more.
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    Learning Management
    With MedTrainer your organization always has access to the most up to date training topics which can be assigned, monitored and tracked.
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    HR and Payroll
    MedTrainer provides best in class HR management and Payroll Services through seamless partnership integrations.
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    Security Risk Assessments
    Assessing data security and risk from both a physical and technical perspective is something every organization should be doing. MedTrainer’s team can help perform the assessments and put you on the right track to making sure your organizations sensitive
    CPR icon
    CPR & First aid Training
    Basic Life Support (BLS), CPR, Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), First Aid Training, and AED Training are all important aspects of healthcare employee education. MedTrainer can help train your staff on proper life saving skills based on their role in your organization.

    When it comes to solving the learning and compliance
    puzzle we get it done.


    Discover all the ways
    customers succeed with MedTrainer

    Dr NadelWendyJenniferDariMichaelAliciaDarleneJoanne
    MedTrainer was very helpful with getting us all set up and educating us on ins as outs, we began utilizing it for more thing, such as incident reporting and the policy and procedure uploading. MedTrainer has a very easy program to use and they are always available to do the “heavy lifting.’
    Mikki, Director of Nursing
    Surgery Center
    MedTrainer support team is very quick to respond, they go above and beyond to help me when I need it, and they are extremely pleasant to work with during every encounter. They have made the experience with MedTrainer excellent.”
    Jill, Vice President of Human Resources
    Dermatology Center
    We use MedTrainer Daily with incident reporting, training modules, policy and procedure acknowledgement, SDS uploads, compliance toolkit and the reports module. MedTrainer has met all of our expectations, we look forward to continuing our working relationship with MedTrainer for years to come!
    Sonia, Chief Compliance Officer
    Community Health Center
    It is reassuring to know that MedTrainer representatives are quick to get back to me and they are always there to guide me though any task. They are always advising me about updates and new programs. I thank you for your flawless services.
    Deirdre, Clinical Nurse Manager
    Surgical Center
    The MedTrainer team has gone above and beyond to make our implementation and experience a very successful one. We are very happy with the value for price paid and look forward to continuing our relationship as the MedTrainer platform evolves.
    James, Senior Compliance Director
    Physician Office
    My surgery center changed our on-line learning system to MedTrainer approximately six months ago. This change was not only a cost savings but offered excellent reporting for my management team to assure the staff are completing the required education on a timely basis.
    Pam, Administrator
    Surgical Center
    From the first phone call with MedTrainer support, I was put at ease with their kind voice and knowledgeable comments for the issues we addressed. I look forward to growing our MedTrainer system!
    Wendy, HR/Credentialing Specialist
    Urology Center
    The MedTrainer system is by far the most comprehensive and user-friendly system in the industry. Their system is allowing us to do things that our organization has been struggling with for years.”
    Joanne, Operations Manager
    Indian Clinic Center
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