Healthcare and Medical eLearning

Healthcare and medical eLearning has become an integral part of all aspects of the healthcare industry. With proper utilization of healthcare learning content online, medical staff and providers can manage and maintain the educational requirements placed on those who practice medicine and care for patients.
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MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning solution provide healthcare learning content online aimed at improving workers’ education and your facility’s internal workflow processes. Our educational content covers over 300 necessary topics, including soft skills, office management, human resources, OHSA compliance, HIPAA, CMS, accreditation, and more!

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Healthcare Learning Content Online
Utilizing MedTrainer’s healthcare learning content online makes it extremely simple to assign, manage, and complete training sessions from any location and at any time.
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Administrative staff can actively monitor team progress through a simple-to-use digital dashboard. Students can also benefit from comprehensive software solutions, so they are fully aware of due dates and never miss an upcoming assignment.

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OSHA Learning Online

OSHA plays a critical role in ensuring workplace safety. It protects coworkers and staff from potential dangers in the working environment. Without adequate OSHA online learning provided to your team, your facility runs the risk of accidents and non-compliance.
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MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning opportunities offer the foundational basis from which your healthcare practice or large facility can build a healthy, safe, and compliant environment for staff and patients.

HIPAA Training

HIPAA training is required for all organizations that handle personal medical information about patients. HIPAA was designed to protect the privacy of patients by limiting the available information about their health status and other factors.
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Suppose a staff member is not familiar with HIPAA protocols. In that case, they may jeopardize your healthcare facility by doing something that does not fall within the current guidelines that protect patient privacy. With MedTrainer’s healthcare learning content online with HIPAA training, your employees will be up-to-date regarding all applicable regulations and compliance initiatives set forth by the establishment of HIPAA.

Medical CMS Training

Most healthcare organizations are aware of how confusing dealing with Medicare and Medicaid can be. These Federal and State agencies provide essential services to a large portion of the population. Yet, as with many other government-run initiatives, Medicare and Medicaid can take valuable time and resources from other aspects of your organization.
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Administrative staff can be overly burdened with the complexities of the Medicare and Medicaid systems. Utilizing MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning program, your workers will be able to reduce the time spent trying to navigate the confusing complexities of Medicare and Medicaid. By using a medical CMS training program and our healthcare learning content online to teach your workers, you can reduce redundancies and inefficiencies in your workplace when dealing with Federal agencies.

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Over 500 online courses covering important healthcare topics including OSHA Learning, Medical CMS Training, HIPAA Training, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Skill Building, Accreditation, and more.

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Toolsets to manage your staff’s individual, group, or live training sessions, if you choose.

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Need more courses? Choose titles like CPR and Patient Communication from our premium content series or upload your own content.

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MedTrainer’s eLearning professionals can develop custom courseware for you, sourcing content and subject-matter experts.

Medical Office Management Training Online
With a comprehensive course library, group learning initiatives, an interactive live training calendar, and the ability to customize content-based training with your own supplemental materials, MedTrainer’s healthcare and medical eLearning software provides a unique, all-inclusive training opportunity for your medical office or other healthcare organization.

Custom eLearning initiatives have revolutionized the educational experience for healthcare professionals. With our all-in-one cloud-based healthcare software program, your staff can cover a broad range of topics, such as OSHA, CMS, HIPAA, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Skill Building, Accreditation, Management, and much much more.
Course Library Assign courses and bundles to specific employee positions, whether they are clinical or non clinical. With an expanding library of over 350 courses, your staff will be trained with the highest quality material material created by our courseware experts.

Group Learning Need to train a group? Utilize the MedTrainer Group Learning feature to train groups of people at the same time in a seminar style in-person setting.

Live Training Calendar Some topics require an in person touch. The Live Training Calendar allows for the scheduling, enrollment, wait-listing, attestation, role call and other pre and post training session activity options.

Bring your own content Already have in-house-made courses? MedTrainer’s team can upload SCORM, xAPI, and AICC courses to your library. Add PDF, video or PowerPoint presentations to your platform and create quizzes to certify their completion. Alternatively, create your own learning materials inside the platform using our Course Authoring Tool.
Premium Add-Ons Practical courses that address current issues and topics in the healthcare industry.

Our certifications are equivalent to the American Heart Association and American Red Cross certifications. Obtain course credits for CLS, ACLS, and PALS programs.

Patient Communication
Improve communication, patient experience, and quality-of-care skills by following the Patient Communication Education courseware guidelines.

A complete course series to tackle the ongoing Opioids Crisis that offers a guide to specific national and state compliance requirements.

Wound Care
Sharpen provider and support staff knowledge and skills with MedTrainer’s 8 hour Wound Care series all while gaining continuing education credits.

Custom eLearning MedTrainer’s team of eLearning development professionals can tend to your specific courseware requirements, tailored to meet your needs with sourced content from subject-matter experts. Courses can be added to your portal for assigning and tracking. Save time and optimize your staff’s training!

All You Need to Start Training Your Staff Is an Internet Connection.

1. Assign Courses and learning materials with a few clicks of a button making learning management quick and simple.

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2. Track Each participant’s individual progress. Notify students every time a new course or course bundle has been assigned to them and scheduled for completion.

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3. Grant Certificates of completion to students when they successfully finish a training course.
Certificates can be downloaded from the Student Dashboard when needed.

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Teaching Tools to Better the Healthcare Community
MedTrainer is your source for an all-in-one software solution that can streamline your internal processes allowing your practice to concentrate on what matters the most; your patients. Our cloud-based software also provides healthcare compliance education and assists in the medical credentialing process. Our SAM exclusion list and other notifiers will keep your staff up-to-date on provider information. For more information about MedTrainer and how we can optimize your healthcare facility, contact us today!