Best Healthcare Training Software: Features and Benefits

Dave Clifton

Healthcare leaders must ensure that all employees are adequately trained and compliant with the latest regulations. The more employees in your organization, the more important this becomes as the chance of incidents, risk, and noncompliance increases. It’s why many enterprise healthcare organizations lean heavily on education to reduce impacts on revenue and care delivery.

Healthcare training software helps maintain high standards of care and keeps staff well-prepared to handle complex compliance rules and regulations. This blog will explore the features, benefits, and user reviews of today’s best healthcare training software.

What Is Healthcare Training Software?

Healthcare training software often called a healthcare learning management system (LMS), is a specialized digital platform that streamlines and enhances healthcare organizations’ training and compliance processes. This software allows for creating, managing, and delivering training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals. It helps keep staff members up-to-date with industry standards, protocols, and regulatory requirements. For large enterprises, healthcare training software is indispensable in efficiently managing the extensive training needs of a diverse and widespread workforce.

Healthcare Training Software For Organizational Growth

The best healthcare training software can grow with your organization by boosting efficiency, continually evolving, and providing enterprise-grade features for even the largest organizations. Here are the key benefits of a good enterprise healthcare LMS vendor:

Boosts Operational Efficiency

An effective LMS should make it easy for all employees to complete training, reduce administrative load, and increase productivity. It should facilitate continuous learning and a culture of compliance by providing easy access to training aligned with the latest compliance standards, clinical practices, and professional development opportunities.

Upgrading to a more robust enterprise healthcare LMS can centralize and automate training processes, reducing the time spent on manual tracking and reporting. This allows staff to focus on critical tasks that enhance patient care instead of being bogged down by administrative duties.

Ensures Scalability

Scalability is essential for an enterprise healthcare organization. Your LMS should expand with your organization, offering consistent feature enhancements, accommodating more users, and providing updated course content. Whether you’re adding a new specialty or expanding geographically, the LMS should handle new training requirements while maintaining standardized processes.

A scalable LMS ensures continuous improvement, aligning your training programs with industry standards and practices. In healthcare, staying updated with new regulations, technologies, and clinical practices is crucial for maintaining care quality and operational efficiency.

Emphasizes Customization

Every healthcare organization has unique training and compliance requirements. Your enterprise healthcare LMS must offer flexible and customizable options to meet these needs. The more employees you have, the harder it is to manage manual parts of the process, such as tracking and reporting.

Your LMS should allow facility-specific training uploads with automated reminders and certificate issuance to support growth. Pre-set reports may not meet all your needs, creating extra work for your compliance team. Customizable reports are vital for getting precise data on your schedule, enabling better decision-making and oversight.

Best Healthcare Training Software Features

The healthcare industry is unique. While many LMS options exist, very few are designed for healthcare’s unique regulations and workflows. Don’t get caught up in an enterprise LMS that has construction-related OSHA training and nothing that meets your specific state’s cultural competency requirements. Here are a few places where a healthcare-specific system will stand out:

Robust Reporting

All industries have to complete and track OSHA training. But, in healthcare, there are dozens of other requirements related to accreditation or specific to an employee’s job function — or whether they are reimbursed by Medicare. Healthcare organizations need very specific customizable reporting. You need to be able to generate detailed reports tailored to your accrediting body or the report to your governing board. Whether tracking individual employee progress, compliance status, or overall training effectiveness, customizable reporting provides valuable insights that help make informed decisions and ensure that the training programs align with organizational goals.

Content To Meet Regulatory Requirements

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry, and compliance with these regulations is paramount. The best healthcare training software includes comprehensive, healthcare-specific content to meet these regulatory requirements. This includes training that meets state regulations, is designed for different care settings or patient populations, and is created by subject matter experts and instructional designers. 

Content To Meet Accreditation Requirements

Accreditation is critical for healthcare organizations, signifying their commitment to maintaining high standards of care. Leading healthcare training software includes content that aligns with various accreditation requirements, such as those set by The Joint Commission or other accrediting bodies. This helps organizations prepare for accreditation reviews and maintain their accreditation status. 


Get a list of The Joint Commission accreditation standards that require training - and a course list.


In healthcare, a user-friendly interface is even more important since these employees do not spend as much time in front of a computer and may struggle with technology. The best healthcare training software offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it simple for users to access and complete their training modules. This enhances user engagement and ensures that training is completed efficiently.

Ability To Upload Training

Another crucial feature is flexibility in training content. Especially in healthcare, uploading custom training modules is required to meet regulatory requirements that call for training on an organization-specific plan or procedure (such as fire safety or disaster preparedness). It’s also a way for organizations to adopt new initiatives, such as value-based care, more easily. Tailoring training to address the specific needs and scenarios unique to their operations is critical.


The ability to reduce manual data entry is a huge benefit in busy and often short-staffed healthcare organizations. Integration capabilities are essential for most enterprise-level healthcare organizations. Look for learning management systems that integrate with your healthcare information management systems (HRIS) and payroll systems to eliminate duplicate data entry and tasks. This ensures a cohesive and streamlined workflow, reducing redundancy and enhancing overall efficiency.


Automation is a game-changer in managing training programs for large organizations. Features like completion reminders and automatic course assignments for annual training save time and ensure no employee is overlooked. With healthcare’s continued high staff turnover, reducing the time for new hire onboarding is critical. With one-click new hire onboarding, you can automate training assignments by role, department, or location.

User Reviews: Why MedTrainer Is the Best Healthcare Training Software

When considering switching your healthcare LMS provider, users are often the best place to turn. In reviews, users consistently rate MedTrainer at the top — and we make it easy to switch with flexible contracting, an easy-to-use interface, and live customer support that resolves requests within an hour, on average.

MedTrainer’s LMS has won numerous G2 Awards in the past two years, including first in Best Results for Healthcare Learning Management Systems for Spring 2024. The company’s LMS scored highest for Easiest Setup and Highest User Adoption and was in the top five for Product Going in Right Direction, Meets Requirements, and Ease of Administration.

Here are G2 and Capterra reviews of MedTrainer Learning, an industry-leading learning management system built for healthcare:

“MedTrainer has made our staff’s continuing education and training easy and organized. As an administrator, it has made implementing the courses for the staff stress-free! We love the number of courses and features it offers to keep the material interesting for staff. This program was an easy integration into our office, and I would recommend it to any office that deals with annual education for their staff.”

Shannon M., Small Business


“It’s simple to create bundles for students and new hires. I like the ability to author courses as well.”

Katie O., Small Business


“MedTrainer is the best thing since sliced bread! It is the easiest, most user-friendly appliance that I have used to assign required education to staff and physicians. The reporting feature is excellent, and it’s very simple to retrieve data from. MedTrainer’s Customer Support Team far exceeds any of my expectations. I have recommended MedTrainer to other businesses and will continue to do so in the future.”

Beth Ann V., Medical Practice


“Training package covers almost all the required training we need and what is not there we can have loaded. Also, the tracking of the training assigned and the ability to see how many times the user had to take the training to pass the end-of-course quiz. Training reports are also great!”

Sophia H., Hospital & Health Care







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