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Put Your Credentialing Process in Safe Hands

With MedTrainer’s Credentialing Services, specialists will manage your credentialing needs so you can focus on scaling your business. Use this upgraded service to keep revenue flowing or grow your organization.

What MedTrainer Can Help You Do

MedTrainer offers a comprehensive credentialing services solution that allows organizations to balance their workload, regardless of the number of providers or the state in which they operate. With our credentialing specialists, you can have confidence in your credentialing process, even when faced with employee turnover.


  • Enrollments
  • Primary Source Verification
  • Exlusions Monitoring
  • Privileging
  • Re-credentialing
  • Document Management
  • Provider Data Portal Maintenance
  • Credentialing Pipeline Analysis
  • And more

What Our Customers Are Saying

On average, MedTrainer Credentialing Services were able to help customers reduce credentialing expenses by 50%

On average, MedTrainer Credentialing customers speed up credentialing by three weeks.

Using Medtrainer helps us focus on other aspects of our clinic by cutting down on time needed for our credentialing. I would recommend MedTrainer, as they have a great team who is quick to respond to any issues or questions that may come up at any given time.
Dana Eberhard

Credentialing/Billing Specialist, FASA Family Wellness, PLLC


Only pay for what you need and not a dollar more.

There are many ways we make MedTrainer affordable for your organization. Learn more on our pricing page.
  • Reduce errors in your credentialing process and ensure that your providers are re-credentialed on time
  • Be confident our credentialing specialist can provide additional support to an existing team or process
  • Maintain visibility into our team’s credentialing process via the MedTrainer Platform

Credentialing Services FAQ

Does MedTrainer’s credentialing solution cover privileging?

Yes. MedTrainer’s cloud-based software also covers privileging, so your practice can remain in compliance with all applicable state and federal standards.

We utilize multiple provider practices within one organization. Each provider has an administrator that handles credentialing. Can MedTrainer customize its software to cover the needs of a larger organization such as ourselves?

Yes. Multiple software modules can be bundled together, creating a completely customized software package for your firm. MedTrainer can accommodate all administrative operations within your facility, from tracking peer-reviewed research initiatives to categorizing facility equipment and resources.

Does MedTrainer have access to government databases for provider information?

Yes. In instances of primary source verification, we have the ability to verify credentials through the original filing governmental agency.

Are traditional credentialing forms still required when using your software?

No. The paperwork involved in the credentialing process can now be digitized for easier data management and saving purposes. Yet, practitioners still have the ability to print all relevant information for the office’s internal records.

Do you staff real people for the customer service department?

Most certainly, yes! Although we strive to provide a hands-off approach regarding the credentialing process, we realize the importance of having a real person to speak to about your account. All of our medical providers will have a dedicated representative handling their credentialing and privileging needs.