Credentialing simplified.

Whether you choose self or fully managed, you’ll reap the benefits of our award winning software. Automate tasks and stay on top of communication, re-credentialing, and document tracking. Know at a glance of our simple to use dashboard what needs to get done!

A reliable cloud-based solution

Streamline enrollments with a touch of a button.

Set up new providers, view tasks, and run reports in just a few steps.

  • + Clients
  • + Healthcare Organizations
  • + Healthcare Professionals

Internal Privilege Forms.

All privileging forms can be added to our cloud-based system, removing the hassle of pen and paper.

License Verifications.

Verify licenses and be notified of expiring/expired licenses with customized notifications.

Document Tracking.

Set up customizable document lists and track previous versions, and send requests to providers through the MedTrainer platform.

Enrollment Tracking.

Track all of your enrollments from a single screen. Plus, know who’s enrolled and when they expire.

Automated Tasks
Take complete control of background checks and enrollments
Save time on verifications
Document Tracking
Automated Tasks
Take complete control of background checks and enrollments
Save time on verifications
Document Tracking

Keep up with Credentialing Tasks

Credentialing just got a whole lot easier! Track all documents, communications, and automate tasks. Our award winning software will save time on verifications and perform background checks and exclusions.

Self Managed.

Take control of your provider credentialing process by harnessing the power of the MT | Credentialing platform. Our system allows you to manage your credentialing program and complete and maintain every aspect of provider credentialing in one intuitive system.

Fully Managed.

As a full-service solution, QuickCred uses our powerful platform to complete all of your credentialing, enrollments and privileging in a streamlined, transparent approach that gives you both full control and peace of mind.

Manage your healthcare compliance on the go.

Stay on top of compliance requirements relevant to your organization!

Medical Staff Credentialing Software FAQs

How does MedTrainer’s credentialing software help my organization handle provider source credentialing and medical staff credentialing?

Our intuitive platform will allow your staff to perform primary source verifications, background checks, performance auditing, re-credentialing, payer enrollments, provider privileging, and more in one accessible platform.

How does the software help me streamline my operations?

By utilizing a centralized platform for these administrative tasks, your healthcare facility will be able to better manage and implement policies and procedures in accordance with current healthcare regulations.

Can the credentialing software track certifications?

Yes! Our provider source credentialing process will allow your organization to track certifications by type, license number, and status. Through the correct utilization, your administrator will be able to keep track of all licensing information and never miss an upcoming expiration date.

Does the software work with credentialing requirements from both state and federal agencies?

Provider information is continuously updated and run through exclusionary databases such as the Federal Office of the Inspector General (OIG), System for Award Management (SAM), and State Exclusionary Databases. This is done to ensure credentialing standards are met on both a state and federal level.

How is the credentialing software better than a file network?

At best, your current file network depends on a few individuals familiar with the workings of conventional healthcare management systems. At worst, a file format system can hinder an organization with inefficiencies and significant holes in data continuity. With MedTrainer’s all-in-one software solution, your facility can easily manage provider source credentialing and medical staff credentialing, as well as effectively administer all aspects of your internal organizational processes.

Where are the attestation and credentialing files stored?

All files that pertain to the provider’s attestation and credentialing are stored within the personal profile of the provider. This allows easy access for administrators. Data can also be updated, downloaded, edited, and tracked to meet institutional requirements as well.

Will the software help my healthcare facility organize credentialing initiatives?

Yes, our automated credentialing software will allow your administrative staff to efficiently oversee medical staff credentialing initiatives and prior authorizations. With the power of automation and the flexibility of cloud-based data analysis systems, your healthcare firm will be able to tackle any issues that arise.

How does the credentialing software increase my healthcare facility’s efficiency?

Data capture capabilities, as well as error-free enrollment applications, will reduce the time and energy spent on these aspects of your healthcare facility. By implementing our program into your workplace, you can increase your workforce’s efficiency and make sure your staff maintains optimal credentialing requirements.

Can the software help my team track clinical privileges?

Yes! Being able to delineate providers’ clinical privileges, add or delete privileges, and track renewal dates will empower your healthcare firm and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.