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Improve Workplace Compliance With Custom Learning from MedTrainer

Healthcare compliance education can be one of the least exciting parts of an employee’s tasks. In many cases, the process is dry, repetitive, and doesn’t have the impact on employees that it’s intended to. Consequently, an employee can “complete” their compliance training without actually grasping the material in a meaningful way.

However, MedTrainer has experience creating customized training designed so that employees retain more of what they learn.How Does Custom Learning Work?

MedTrainer’s Custom Course Development program is designed to provide employees with the kind of engagement they need, depending on the population. Many compliance training programs rely on a “one-size fits all” model, which can be effective at checking an item off your to-do list. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your employees will be leveraging what they learn to ensure your facility isn’t fined for noncompliance.

The program allows for a combination of written content, graphics, and varying degrees of interactive engagement with the program to help meet the learner’s needs and ensure maximum retention.
What Are the Benefits?

The core benefit of custom course development is that you have a system that works to meet your employees’ learning needs. Depending on the level of course customization you require, you’ll be able to provide employees with varying degrees of engagement and interaction to help prevent issues around non-compliance.

In addition to customizing the level of engagement, you’re also able to choose how complex you’d like to make the system. Depending on the need, you can keep things a series of written courses or have procedures for real-time learning for your employees.
What Does the Process Look Like?

The process has five basic components:

  • Subject matter Expert Input
  • Storyboard Creation and Review
  • Royalty-Free Images and Graphic Design
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Course Production

At each step, we focus on research-backed methods to help reinforce learning. Depending on the need, you’re able to choose from four different levels of engagement to ensure that your employees retain the information from the coursework.

To find out more about MedTrainer’s Custom Course Development program or our medical compliance certification solutions, call the MedTrainer team today!